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    Why can you feel fine one minute then have one fucking conversation with someone and it all changes. Ive tried hard to stay strong to stay alive to make things as ok as they can be and i cant do that anymore. I can't help anyone i feel so fucking useless. Theres only so much i can take and i cant have anymore. I want to cut i want to stop the pain i want it to go away. :cry:
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    What an experience pain can be..

    It's often spontaneous and unexpected.

    I've dealt with it for so long that it's become an important part of my lifestyle. It pushes me to my limits, challenges me, there's something about that kind of power that's beautiful. Pain is something I've come to respect over the years.

    It's exhausting and tragic, but it's my tragedy. It's something of my own, and something each of us holds as their own, different to each of us, a personal and intimate part of human consciousness and existence.

    Though I continue to suffer, I welcome the pain and hold on to it rather than reject it. Tragedy does not take me, I take tragedy. There were many times in my youth where tragedy and pain were too much, and I wanted to end it all.

    Life is not designed for us, and none of us are truly designed for life. If I could, I'd take your pain so that you could enjoy life again. It's yours to confront though. It will take everything in you to continue.

    Peace of mind and comfort are there for you, and I believe you'll find them again.

    It's going to feel so good when you can look back on this and realize you persevered.

    Look at how far you've come already, be proud of your accomplishments.