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  1. Kaos General

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    Whats the point of trying to even attempt to make friends? All people do is come out with pathetic excuses anyway, and the friends you do have just make even more promises and come out with even more bullshit as to why they cant come and meet up with ya for a drink.

    I guess im tired of being let down by people claiming to be my friends and claiming they care. If people really care why do they come out with excuse after excuse?
  2. IV2010

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    :i'm sorry: Wayne....I understand how you feel...I have the same problem...:hug: :hiya:
  3. Kaos General

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    people suck its as simple as that. Im tired of trying to make friends people just cant be bothered so fuck em. All i want is someone to go for a drink with me but no-one can ever be bothered. I think i might just become a hermit and be done with it. I dont bother going out anymore cause it sucks when you have to go anywhere on your own.
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    If it helps theres probably nobody in West Yorkshire that would go for a drink with me but thats what happens on a forum the stretches across the world...distance is always gonna be a major problem and factor.x
  6. Aurora Gory Alice

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    Not just that, people struggling with shyness, self esteem and anxiety issues also can be a problem.
    Have you thought about trying websites based around finding friends, there are quite a few about. I met a really nice girl on City Socialising once upon a time, and there are plenty of people in the same position (alone in London and wanting to make some friends).
  7. WildCherry

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    distance is always gonna be a major problem and factor.

    Yup exactly, it totally sucks when there are people you REALLY want to hang out with and they live across the country (or across the world in some cases).
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    aww wayne :hug: