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Why bother?

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Hi, I'm new to these forums and well, I just need someone to talk too. I have been suffering from depression since my Nan died. I have since come to realise that whatever I do, none of it makes a difference.

I try to make friends but none seem to want to do anything with me outside of college. I met this girl at college and though we are friends I would like to start dating her, because of my own problem (dyslexia and aspergers syndrome) and being shy I find it more difficult then most to interact with people; I do think she is shy, so it makes it that much harder. If anyone could offer advice on this I would appreciate it.

No matter how hard I try, getting a job or even an apprenticeship is neigh on impossible. As stated making and keeping friend is also impossible for me.

I have nothing to live for, can't make a living, never had a girlfriend, just don't know why I should go on.

total eclipse

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Just want to say hi and let you know you will make friends here. I hope you continue to reach out okay post go to chat so we get to know you better hugs
Hi total eclipse, thanks for the reply. Sorry I haven’t got back sooner. Just so you know I will continue to post as well try to help others as much as possible.
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