Why can't anything be permanent?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by closertolove, Aug 14, 2009.

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  1. closertolove

    closertolove Well-Known Member

    all i ask is for one thing in my life to remain the same. it shouldn't be so hard to ask for; why can't i have one friend to always be there? why does it seem like so many people disappear from my life so fast, right as i start to care? why can't anything stay the same for one damn moment?

    i'm a rising senior, and i have to acknowledge that i'm going to leave the school i've called mine for the last great chunk of my life. it scares the shit out of me; i don't want to have to recreate a home for myself again

    its not like my home is permanent either: my parents barely speak to each other without yelling, and they've never said i love you to each other in my memory. everything feels like it's falling apart, and i just wish for the time my life made sense

    why can't i control anything, and why does everything have to change? why can't anyone stay in one damn place for one damn second?

    it's killing me...

    ODIECOM Well-Known Member

    well, i do understand about change.
    first, there will be alot of things changing for YOU as you grow. todays friends .... well .... i think todays friendships and relationships have been loosing alot of meaning throughout the years.

    its hard to find true friends. i, like yourself have been in the same situation. YOU start caring and YOU show the person what a true friend is, but its never returned.
    there are many turns for you in the near future. dont loose track of yourself because some ppl dont apperciate you.

    so many young ppl start to loose intrest in themselves because of situations just like yours.

    dont blame yourself. realise that sometimes change is good. it is a NEW growth time for you. its time for you to become ONE WITH YOU. learning to know who you are.

    the more we become aware of who we are, the more you will attract the right kind of friends.
    be good to yourself wont you ?
  3. mandyj101

    mandyj101 Well-Known Member

    hi there..
    odiecom has pretty much said what i was going 2 say..
    please try 2 stay strong.. change is hard.. ppl rarely embrace change.. but as odiecom said u can try 2 change this mindset.. and switch it completely..
    mabye if u explained 2 some1 how this is all affecting u .. u can get some support 2 help u through this ?
    take care :hug:
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