Why can't I do anything right?

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  1. xashleyTX

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    I try so hard to please my parents, try so hard to be everything they want me to be.
    But I just can't.
    Why cant they accept me for who I am? Can't they accept that Im not the perfect person they want me to be?
    I shouldn't be blaming others. It's all me. I try so hard, but apparently I'm not trying hard enough. I'm still a clutz, I'm still lazy, I'm still a computer addict, I'm still accident prone, I still lack hand eye cordonation....

    Why can't I do anything right? :blue::(
  2. Secret wounds

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    I've been trying to please my parents for years and its ended up with me joining a suicide forum telling the world i want to kill myself because i feel worthless. I do love my parents but they dont realise how much they hurt me and i dont want to tell them they hurt me because my words would hurt them, so instead i carry the pain inside. I wish i could tell you things get better but i dont believe they do, well not for me anyway i dont ever fool myself in to believing things get better.
  3. pisces-music-girl

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    I could have written both of your posts. I feel like I'm living that Linkin Park song Numb- I'm not perfect and I will never be.

    Talk to your friends or us if you need someone to talk to. I'm just a PM away.

    :hug: take care sweetie