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why can't i ever look normal :('

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ever since i was a kid people have been making fun of me cus of the way i do thingsyeah i know I"M WEIRD. i dont need a reminder.i thought that had finally stopped.well it hasnt. still hearing people muttering so i cant hear "oh she'll never get it its so sad she just doesnt understand".i know there talking about me and yeah there right ill never understand why im not included why everyone thinks im the complete opposite of what i am and that every little word they say about me hurts like hell.yeah sometimes i look like im sneering when im smiling sometimes i look like im staring at someone when im ntot and sometimes i look like the retard i am.i think im looking ok then ill getr shown a picture of how i really look.im not normal at all and it hurts.today some one said "does the air have a nice scent up there" and i asked why.they said well youre so stuck up all the time like youre more important then everyone else.i told them i wasnt trying to be that way and they said well then why are you sticking youre nose up in the air and not talking to me when i say hi.well maybe cus i didnt hear you maybe cus i dont notice shit about the world im in and maybe ive been working on it all my life and it will never stop.i hate looking the way i do i hate being me. i hate having the things i do and say twisted and turned and made to seem l;ike they dont even come from me.maybe im n ot stuck up maybe im crying inside because because nothing i do is right and ill never be accepted.the peron saud they where just picking on me well maybe im fed up with being picked on. i hate me.
I find myself thinking the same thing a lot because I've never been accepted for the person I am and I've been bullied endlessly because of it. I've also wished to be normal but then I find myself asking what normal is? No one on this planet is perfect and it;s unfair for people to want you to be perfect because it's never going to happen. No one is pefect and instead people will have to accept you for who you are.. if they don't, if they are nasty then are they really worth your time? I'm sure you do have friends who accept you for who you are. I don't know about real life because I don't know you too well but I know there's people on this forum who care a great deal and see you as a friend... If you must take notice of what other people say then take it from your friends, true friends. Because people who you see randomly in the street don't know you, so they say nasty things knowing there's not going to bea comeback and they don't care if they hurt your feelings. Basically, try not to take much notice, and try to like the person you are. I know only too well it's difficult, but there are some nice people in this world who doesn't judge on looks and you can gain good friendships. Don't change for other people. :hug:


I hate that as well. When people somehow have to find you in a position that you personally want to be alone, or somehow you didn't notice them. And they give their opinion, not even thinking that maybe, just maybe some of us aren't perfect.

I'm sorry you had to go through that Sarah. It's always that strange feeling, that everyone is judging you, and it seems to unravel itself as truth. I kinda think like that too, and I'm similar in some ways. I'm not really sure I can offer much advice, but just let it out and realize there are alot of things that people notice, that may not be normal, but they make you, you. And if you ejoy them, there isn't a reason to not want to do what you want to do. Exercise that freedom of will.


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thanks both of you. i do try to like me because im not like everyone else.its just that when i was younger i got teased all day every day it seemed like every second in school i was getting some kind of abuse.it just still gets too me when it happens now its like im right back there.i just wish people would see me for who i am and not judge me for being like i am.i mean i have no life because people arent comfortable being around me it seems.im just too different.it usually doesnt affect me as much anymore just not dealing too well right now.:hug:'s
Hey! :hug:
I'm so sorry that people don't appreciate you for who you are! It happens all the time, I also feel like I am not seen as I really am, so I know where you're coming from.
As about being or not being normal ... most of the times I think I am not normal too, and it hurts, and there are times when I feel like I will NEVER EVER be normal, and that hurts even more, and everything seems so dark and hopeless those times. So I understand how you feel and I know it is painfull.
But then again what is normal and who decides what is and what isn't normal? If I better think about it, normal means common, average. A person is seen as normal if his/her behavior is not deviating too much from the average. Basically it's statistics lol. Deviating some more from the average is not bad or anything. Sometimes it hurts because people can be mean about it. But you SHOULD'T look up to people just because you consider them normal. And you SHOULD'T feel inferior to them in any way!!
I am so sorry you are hurt over the fact that people missunderstand you. And I am sorry that you got teased in school ...
Please feel free to PM me if you need to talk or something
:hug: :hug: :hug:


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i can relate, i have tourett's syndrome...i spend every moment i am in public under the sruteny of others...i cant even watch movies with out some writer thinking it is way to funny to make funn of us ticers, the only advice i can give is this, you may be diferent but atleast yuo arnbt a sheep, take pride in tha fact you arnt what everyone thinks you are, nad fing what if none is comfortable around you, if they cant deal then they arnt real, and you dont need them...and alone ass it may seem there is another world around you with ppl just like you around every corner, you just have to look and yuo will find em....

disregared the above as complet garbage...


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Sarah people can be real Hypocrite's:mad: ,It's like you replying back to these people with one comment and that would really destroy them.In my opinion if someone has a condition or a problem and you can obviously see that,why on earth would you criticise that person for?
I guess it show's the character of some people and perhap's how insecure they must be to make fun of other's.I guess when you're younger and at school it sought of comes with the territory of being immature,but when you've grown up and are aware of how people may have an obvious problem you should have some common sense.


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I can so relate to all you have said, and it sucks big time to feel that way. Wish I knew how to help you.
Feel free to PM me anytime you want to


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Sarah...I just noticed this thread...sorry...there is not one person on this earth who is accepted by everyone...yes, it can be so hurtful for ppl to treat you as you said, but it is their loss ! and who would want anyone who was that superficial anyway??? I think you are beautiful both physically and spiritually...and whose opinions count more...those that know and love you or the primates that have nothing to do but be insensitive??? Be thankful you are not them!!! big hugs, Jackie


1st of all can any one define normal and i say Embrace individualality. I think the fact i'm called weird by other's just make's me smile. My few friend's know how i am and accept me if people don't wanna know then it's their loss
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