Why can't I just be happy?

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    I just joined this website because I need some support and people to listen to me. My problem right now is that my sister told me she's dating a guy I used to date. It wouldn't have been a problem if I was still friends with him, but I'm not. I told them when we were still dating that we should all hang out because they were moving into the same apartment building. Then the guy decided we shouldn't date, which was ok with me because he was very dramatic and acted like none of my problems mattered. But then they started hanging out without me. I told them both that I didn't want them hanging out without me and they both acted like I was being stupid. I told the guy that they might decide they like each other and get together and they both said that wouldn't happen. Well, of course, I was right because now they're "together". Also, I don't think they really even like each other that much, or at least I don't think my sister likes him. Neither of them have a lot of friends or have dated a lot and they are lonely and don't want to be single. So that makes it even worse that they would do that to me when it probably won't go anywhere. My sister is moving away soon and the guy is going to still be here and neither of them wants a long distance relationship. Today my sister said he's the only one that cares about her and no one will listen to her side of the story, but she's been ignoring and avoiding me since she told me. This is just one of many things going on, but it's something that is making everything really hard to deal with.
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    Did it ever occur to you that you were being unfair by trying to dictate when they can and can't hang out together?

    You said yourself you didn't care about not dating this guy anymore, so why can't your sister date him? Especially if you think it won't go anywhere? Let them have their fun.

    You make it sound like you didn't love this guy at all, so how is this a problem?
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    Thanks for making me feel worse. I've really wanted to kill myself all week and now you have to be rude when you don't even know me. The point is they both lied to me and said it would never happen. I'm the whole reason they are friends in the first place and they were being selfish when they started hanging out when they knew I wanted us all to hang out. Also it would be really awkward if she decided to bring him home. And like I said, I don't think she even likes him that much. If she had talked it out with me to begin with, I wouldn't care. It's just the fact that they were lying to me. Also, I don't want her to get hurt because obviously he's a jerk if he would do that to me. Don't reply back if you're going to argue with me. Everyone I've told about this agrees with me because they know the whole story.