Why cant I just die?

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    Edit: I dislike talking about myself
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    I try to put all the crap in my life in the back of my head and forget about them but, with my birth day coming up it just seems like everything is going down hill...
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    Any reason that it all comes back?
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    putting problems at the back of your mind, is just a time bomb wating to go off. u cant hide them there forever. Focus on one thing at a time make it easy on yourelf......because if you try to do all at once, it will make u feel like dieing, it will kae your feel worthles. and you have family, no one is worthless. Don't run away, go head on with it, Dieing solves nothing, its just causes depression for the people you care about
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    :hug: chad i'm here if you want to talk hun i missed talking to you :hug: