why can't i just do it? seriously..

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by japanlover, Sep 21, 2011.

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  1. japanlover

    japanlover Well-Known Member

    Why? why does it have to be so hard...
  2. MistyMaisy

    MistyMaisy Well-Known Member

    I'm glad you're still here though. :hugtackles:
    Want to talk about why you're feeling sad? I'd be more than happy to talk. :) I want to be a psychologist so I would really love it if you wanted to talk.
    Take care. :hugtackles:

    (By the way, I love Japan too. :smile:)
  3. Jenny

    Jenny Staff Alumni

    I'm thinking that by 'it' you mean suicide? Or do you mean life? Either way I'm sorry you're struggling.. can you tell us more of what's going on for you to make you feel this way? It may help? x
  4. peacelovingguy

    peacelovingguy Well-Known Member

    Life can be hard - but don't let the world worry so much - your life is what matters and the people around you.

    My advice - reach out a little - your doing that regardless here - and that is the first step mate.

    You got money woes?

    Well money can't buy you love or friendship - just an illusion thereof. When your poor you KNOW who your friends are.

    For that reason - I'm glad I been poor!

    But - sure- there is a point were the coins jingle jangle in your pocket - you want a night out - and so on.

    So - go out for a walk! That's free.

    I always wanted to walk the land of good old England - well - we are still fairly safe here.

    PS - as times get hard - look for work you can do at home - in the community - think about any skill you have - can you sell it? If not - grab other skills - don't think that I have not had to do that!

    Like - I could not turn a computer on dude!

    Now - I take them to bits and can type 1000 words a second.

    Pretty good huh?

    OK - maybe 900 then!

    Good luck mate.

    Its hard - sure - but only at times!!!!

    Sometimes life rocks.
  5. SomeguyUk

    SomeguyUk Active Member

    I can sympathise with that. All I can say is the reason it is so hard is there's a quiet voice in the back of your head, and this voice views the world around you differently where it is able to see all its potential, and It is just screaming out to you telling you not to do it. My only advice is to go travelling, find a place that makes you smile and meet its people.
  6. japanlover

    japanlover Well-Known Member

    I don't feel sad. I have the psychological sign of suicide by the feeling of hopelessness. But ever since I was a child, i still feel hopeless as nearly a middle aged adult... But again, too scared to do it.

    Yah it. I am really surprised i've made it this far in life without doing it. I'm surprised im not homeless, but funny enough, I don't get addicted to drugs. I've tried being an alky, but i just didn't feel like doing it anymore because i was bored. I tried smoking, same thing. Never got addicted, smoked a pack and nothing. Got bored. I wish many times an alien race would take me away and prove to me that I was left here by mistake.

    I disagree, life is always hard. My father worked his ass off and never got anything real until he was 45. So much for only at times. I guess I get to struggle till im old too.

    It's not so much the voice in the back of my head saying don't do it. It's more of the quivering little boy in my head being a panzy.

    I really shouldn't be worrying or ranting like this, wasting everyone's time. I know i'll never do it and always have the feelings of crap. Why would after 20+ years of feeling like this anything change where I would do it. Even when I had the emotion of doing it, i never went through with it. I am just a weak person.

    Doesn't anyone wish there was a donation program where people could commit painless suicide and harvest organs for the worthy people? Heart,lungs,liver, kidney. All of those could be saved. I don't know about the whole eyeball thing. All of this coming from seven pounds of course. Worthy people being of good moral character, isn't 80, and loves life. That would be awesome. :sax
  7. the masked depressant

    the masked depressant Well-Known Member


    you're not wasting our time- that's why we're here, to listen to you

    as for not committing suicide yet, i think something inside you must want to be alive. even if it's just little- something like music or tv.

    for me at least, it's a particular singer and her music that's making me cary on. if it was not for her, i wouldn't bother.

    as for the comment about life always being bad, there are up times. make the most of them while they last- because they don't come often, i'd agree with that.

    take care and we're all here for you
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