why can't i just have pointless fun anymore?

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    Lately, I have realized that I just can't have fun like I used too. I just don't enjoy myself anymore. I don't know why I am like this, but I just want stop thinking and just have a good time for the hell of it. I use to be more care-free...What happened to that person? During the day I find it hard to communicate, or more of me not wanting too, but why do I feel the need to isolate myself and sit afar while the rest of my friends let loose? Maybe it is ego. I want to change and just enjoy myself again.
  2. Freya

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    Andy :hug:
    I think that life gets in the way of being care free and once its gone it is really really hard to get it back again.
    I know all about the urge to isolate and I know it isn't good. I don't need to tell you this I am sure; getting out there and doing the things that used to make you feel good is a better option than retreating and letting everything get on top of you. I also know that depression is rarely rational however. I don't have answers for you but I am sending you good wishes and hugs and hope that you manage to find a way to feel good again :hug:
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    It can be hard, but just try not to think negative thoughts and just enjoy yourself. Just keep having fun and try not to let things get you down so much.