why cant i stay happy

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Ripx, Nov 10, 2007.

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  1. Ripx

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    the past few weeks of my life have been okay. I haven't been happy i should say, but just not depressed at all. i was able to think clearly, i just felt more confident. But now I'm back to being all down all the time. Now when i hang out with my friend things are just awkward because suddenly I'm a totally different person than who i was a couple days ago, where i was telling funny jokes, able to relate in someway to what he was saying. Now I'm back to not giving a fuck about anything so i have no opinions or anything that i want to contribute, i just want to sit there quietly. i try to ignore it and act normal, but i just then start sounding awkward as I'm not a very good actor. whats the point of life if I'm going to have to endure this constant cycle? during the period where i was feeling alright, it was reflecting in every i did, from conversing with people, solving problems, i was doing everything so efficiently. now when I'm depressed, I'm a complete idiot, i cant think or reason properly, have conversations or anything. I'm being dumbed down so to speak by depression. i think I'm going retarded sometimes.
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    hi, there. I'm sorry that you are so down today. Those ups and downs can be hard. Expecially when a person is or has been depressed... I think it's even harder.

    Does your friend know that ur moods have been going up and down? Can you explain to yr friend? (BTW, a real friend who knows and understands you won't mind if ur quiet.)

    It takes time to smoothe out the path and keep it smooth when you've been down. It takes lots of courage to make efforts to be social with people, especially when it's a struggle for you! Big hugs to ya for those efforts! Way to go and cheers!

    Hope you drop by here again to say how u r doing.

    Smiles and hugs to ya, hon!
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