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Why can't I stop?

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The internet makes me feel SO bad.
Well, social networking
Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Tumblr, EVERYTHING.

Everypost makes me feel so horrible and paranoid.
But I can't stop...


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they are like... obviously aimed at someone who is more than likely me

eg. 'its only now that i realise how much baggage you have and how unhappy you make me'

+ to make them worse they are a by people i actually really really care what they think, i love them :/


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as sad as it sounds, facebook was ****ing up my relationship, i got paranoid and annoyed at the general flirtacious rubbish that goes on on these sites.
i packed it all in a few weeks ago now
seriously, once you realise how utter pointless all this social networking is, you start to feel a lot better
get rid of it :) you survived without it before
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