why can't people grow up

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    for the last 6 months i've been paying for me and my boyfriends stuff. I pay for the both of us to go to the movies, for food etc. Its been hundreds of dollars and i even loaned him money that took him 5 months to even pay me back when he said he would a week after he borrowed it. He offers his friends that i will front them movie tickets. i tell my boyfriend i only have 20$ left in my checking and he says to me then get it from your savings. my savings is half now then what it was before i met him. I pay for so much things for him and he doesn't even appreciate it. I feel so used. he just says to me, " so what are we suppose to do stay home and not have fun all the time and do nothing?" i mean YOU don't have any money. you live off your parents and me. you couldn't even get a job for yourself for 6 months and even pay for yourself. I mean your girlfriend has been paying for everything! how does that fucking make you feel... and you don't even care.you just yell at me. i'm so stressed out now im not getting any hours at my job i can't even pay for my own car insurance while you just sit on your ass all day playing video games doing nothing. your not even thankful you just used me.
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    :hug: Peach :hug: I've been there hun, seriously, you either need to have a serious heart to heart with your boyfriend and put your foot down and refuse to pay for anything for him anymore, or, you need to sit and have a think about if this relationship has a future. :hug: am here if you want to :pm: me :)

    Mel x
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    simple solution? dump his broke ass.
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    By letting him continue to use you for money and not making him contribute you are enabling him. Why should he change? He has it easy now. Continue to do the things you want to do and if he doesn't have the funds to accompany you, I guess he stays home. Make him share the responsibility and earn his way. You are not doing him any favors by continuing things the way they are now. And definitely do not pay for his friends. He invites them he pays for them. End of discussion. maybe if he is embarrassed a few times it may give him the message. You have been too good to him hun. :hug:
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    Give this fella the elbow..he's a user and he'll drain you dry then move onto the next victim.
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    Tell him no.

    It surprises me some people can't say "No!" when someone asks.
    I get sick of seeing people getting used and I myself have had these experience of giving to much to people who give little in return. It's not selfish to expect some sort of action on his part..... Tell him how you feel and make him realize that you work hard for your money and it belongs to you. He shouldn't be asking for so much if he does no contributing.

    Either learn to say no or leave him behind.