Why can't people just be tolrant?

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by LotusFlower, May 4, 2010.

  1. LotusFlower

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    AHHH I just have to get this out. I am tired of people sometimes. Why is okay for people to post about Christianity and Jesus send me emails about it, but are totally offended if I mention my beliefs or some else mentions their beliefs. Not everyone believes in Jesus or Christainity. (this is not directed at anyone here or any one specific has to do with alot of emails I have been getting lately) If I go to someones house and they pray at dinner I will bow my head if I know you don't eat something because of there belief I will not serve it I will find something else. I only know a few people that would gladly do the same for me. I don't need to be saved etc. I am tolerant of there beliefs why can't they be tolerant of others. I am not trying to start a debate or anything but I can't understand why others just can't be tolrant.
  2. Terra

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    I don't get e-mails, just them popping up at my door wanting to salvage me for the upcoming doomsday -_- and sure, they are allowed to believe that.

    I guess people need some sort of support pillar in their lives, and that might be in religion. I agree to your post, and then I took myself in not being tolerant about christianity (or some groups of it) saying the dinosaurs and fossils are all lies. So i guess my support is science, but that won't stop me from respecting other peoples needs of either religion or privacy, i won't try to change them,e ven if I disagree at times.
  3. ballinluig

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    i agree. one part of me is very religious. i beleive in god and an afterlife. then on another day i think what aload of shit. once ur dead ur dead, its all aload of pith and all thats on it, piss.

    my family never know which bit im in. my kids never know if im going to go off in a rant about being thankful for all we have, that god created the earth and all thats on it BUT then i can say dont be so stupid.

    i do wonder if i do have a slight personality disorder because alot of things i do this on. Ive said before to a cpn years ago about having 2 personalities but she didnt say any thing-but saying that she never did!:mad:
  4. whywhy

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    Some people just aren't. I don't mind people preaching me their religion (as long as they stick to it), if they genuinely believe I may be better off in their religion then kudos to them.

    However if they can't tolerate difference then I do get offended.