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why can't she just leave me alone?!

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Sa Palomera

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what the fuck. First he almost literally kicks me out and says he doesnt want to fucking see me anymore. Well fine, but why does SHE have to keep bothering me then? Can't they just fucking leave me alone so that I can fucking deal with the pain and get over it or whatever? No, she has to keep bugging me with all sorts of texts about money. For fuck sake, woman you'll get your fucking money! Jesus, you fucking KNOW what my fucking situation is like, yet you keep fucking bug me for the money. For what? so you can buy another fucking plasma TV? Just leave me alone, PLEASE!!! Don't you get it!??? I'm fucking hurt by the two of you and I want you to leave me alone, because you bugging me doesnt give me the fucking chance to deal with it and get over it.

"Transfer the money immediately or I'm coming up there one of these days to take your laptop" WTF???

"Ester, where is the money?"

"Ester, we had an agreement, I want the money transferred straight away"

gosh, what a sign of affection, eh?

fuck you woman. Be patient, I fucking get payed on Tuesday and then I was planning to fucking give you the fucking money. Urgh I hate this. Stupid Bitch.

i's fucking hurting me. :cry: :cry: Just leave me alone and let me deal with my pain, without making it all even harder with your fucking texts. Why dont you ever send texts like "Ester, I hope you're doing well." or something like that.

Is it really too much to ask? SOme affection of your stepmom. I know I won't get it off my dad, but I thought you were different than him. Remember when I left that weekend he basically said he didn't wan to see me anymore. You seemed to disagree, you said I should be in touch more. And I'm sorry I haven't been I've just been so fucking busy and all with jobsearch and being in pain cos of what HE said.

Why don't you ever call me, ask me how I'm doing? if I found a job yet, blabla. and then NOT name money, even if it's just for ONCE. You're so fucking materialistic. If you want money, then why don't you try moving your arse and get a job yourself??!! All you fucking do is sit in the house and clean. Oh and gossip around with my aunties. you don't even put some real efford in looking for a job. Dad makes all the fucking money and you go around and spend it on stuff to make birthday-cards and fuck knows what. and then you're saying you guys have to be economic with your money cos you can't afford much. For FUCK sake, you guys go on vacations twice and sometimes even three times a year, you buy plasma tv's, loads of expensive stuff for your hobby, electronic stuff for Dad. Look at me. I didnt have any money for a while, had to live off my savings account, my friend payed the groceries so often, cos I couldnt afford it!

urgh why, oh why? I don't get it. Where did I go wrong? What exactly is it that's bothering you so much about me? I mean I KNOW I'm a fuck up, but please don't punish me for that.. Isn't my depression punishment enough yet? Is it your fucking goal to sort of kill me, or what?? Cos you're doing your job well then, if you go on like this.!!

:cry: :cry: :cry:

why can't she just leave me alone?
Hun, like i've told you before your not a fuck up, your just going through a rough time in your life right now. You haven't done anything wrong. You have depression and you are suicidal. If that means you've done something wrong, then we all have.

If you haven't allready then text her or phone her saying that you haven't got the money right now and their have to wait till tuesday when you get paid. In my opinion ots probably your dad using his wife to get to you. From what you said when you left from carnival your step mum seemed pretty adament that you should call more. She seemed pretty genuin. I don't see why that would change. I think your dad is asking your step mum to keep texting you about the money. Maybe their trying to teach you something. I dunno. Stay strong sweetie.

Sending you big big big big big big big big big big big big big big hugs

*hug attack*

Viks x


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holy shit hun, let me come up there and kill these people please?

how can they be like that, they clearly have so much more than you do, and you've been at work for 2 FUCKING DAYS!!! it's not like you've had a pay cheque yet is it?

The true miracle is that something so wonderful, could come out of such dirt and grime.

You are an inspiration to the world Ester.

Thank you.
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aww essie :hug: try to ignore that bitch, give them their money when you have it and than you can be free of them. You dont deserve to get treated like that, you're a fucking wonderfull sweet amazing beautifull person and so much more.
Give me your stephmoms number and i'm going to be a stalker, going to breathe through the phone and stuff, I hope that will make her nuts :tongue:
I care lots and lots about you, love you sweetie :hug:
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