Why can't they just give me one last chance??

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  1. I was happy when i got myself a job as a sports retail associate. I was so keen to start work immediately until i can't sleep for days. It was a few months later when i got myself into trouble with some nasty customers who has got nothing to do but to break other people's ricebowl. I failed in my appraisal and i was given a 2 week notice for improvement but things gone downhill as i listened to a wrong phone conversation and i placed the wrong reservation for a customer who has made his way down to the shop to collect it. The distance is very far and he got angry when things is wrong and he went ahead to complain me again. My manager gave me a the bad news telling me either i give her the 2 week notice for resignation or she will give me the two week notice aka termination. I asked for second chance and she refused and keep saying it was her final decision. I appealed to the big boss but big boss refused to help me. I was currently in my last 2 weeks and i need to leave next week (30th). I was sad and very upset but i strived hard to achieve top sales for this month and i wonder what are my chances to ask for a last chance from them to stay on. I really loved the job so much until i can sacrifice my life for it. Why is my life so unfair??????? I wanted to commit suicide if i am unable to get back my most interested job. WHY!!!??????? I hate my life.!!!!!!!
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    I do hope they give you a second chance if not hun start looking for a job in the same area of work okay Perhaps if your sales go up they may reconsider hugs
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    I hope they give you a second chance, but there are always others jobs available if that doesn't work out. Please don't hurt yourself because things can get better.
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    Yeah, things can and do get better. At least for some of us. Others have been unemployed and suicidal for a year or more. Like me. And I'm about to be convicted of a felony to boot. Imagine the job opportunities available to you with that on your record. And there are many, many people who are worse off than me here.

    But yeah, being fired sucks. I know. I've been fired five or six times, depending on whether you count ending a temp position that could turn into full time, being fired.
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