why can't we be happy?

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I was low, real low. I lost my job, my girlfriend, all of my money, most of my friends, and my life.
Now I have a new job and im making money. I'm paying off dept and getting in touch with friends.

However, I'm still depressed to the point of suicide. Everytime I go near a knife I want to plunge it into my worthless body.
why cant we be happy? why are we always sad no matter what life gives us. no one is sincerly happy...
:hug: I guess depression isn't something we can snap our fingers and be done of but don't give up hope. Considering what you said this may be a dumb question, but are you happy? I mean, do you feel suicidal often or only when you see a knife for example then you start to want to plunge it into yourself? Don't give up hope though, maybe if you were to spend more time with your friends and give your new job a chance and let your life get back on it's feet more stable you will feel better. :hug:
The mind is a hard thing to please for everybody. Constantly in search of something outside of ourselves to fulfill us is alot to ask. Its hard to stay happy in a world were nothing stays the same and everything always changes. The only guarantee in life is change. Just learning to go with the flow, and not being so attached to everything around us to me it the only way to peace. I think learning how to be at peace is much more valuable than the unrealistic nature of expecting the world to make us happy. I hope things are better for you.



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well things do get better. it seems like with me there is a trend where I get to be at peace for a few days before something bad happens.
and it did.

not just when i see kinives. but when my mind goes off of what im doing.


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hi there

i am really sorry that things went bad and now that they are going well for you that you cant enjoy it... there really is hope.. it could be that when you suffered depression from loosing your "life" ie .. friends .. work ... love... that there became an imbalance and now that things are going well ... your brain cant experience it..

have you gone to see someone.... been treated with meds.... it really could help...
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