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Why continue?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Kakihara-Gumi, Sep 2, 2009.

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  1. Kakihara-Gumi

    Kakihara-Gumi Well-Known Member

    What is the point in life? What is the honest goal that everyone aspires to reach? To grow old and have a family? To be rich and famous?

    None of those things inspire me, I have money, I may not have gone about the best path of getting it, but it's no problem anymore. My family is mostly dead, dead or dying, then I have little to no contact with my living relatives. I have someone that loves me, but they're forced to go through hell with their family and general social circle because of it, they'd probly be better off with someone that can always be with them and cause them no grief.

    I'm tired of just puttering through life like some drone, I'm quickly getting bored of living "just to keep living", why does anyone try to even get around this? What point is there in living past the point of happiness? Keep working your dayjobs to make some fat bastard in an office somewhere even more money, keep fighting in wars to prove to other countries that your leaders dick is the biggest, keep screaming and chanting to make others miserable and prove that only your big wonderful deity is real.

    Why? Why go on? Is it fun living some mundane life that nothing ever occurs in?

    I'm sorry but I just don't see the grand draw to becoming some old scarred up prune someday, and then dying quietly so eveyone can moan and groan about how great of a person you were, even though you were likely hated and talked about behind your back, the moment you died you became mother theresa.

    Can anyone really give me reason to keep just dragging my feet through life?
  2. johnnysays

    johnnysays Well-Known Member

    The point for someone like you is that you're free to poop in their cheerios. Overly happy people are boring. People who go through life and accept the mundane are too predictable. Again, poop on their prius. Poop on their perfectly cut lawn and their crisp expansive ideals. Life would be boring without some loose screws like you. Just don't go out and hurt anyone, but you're free to express yourself and build something that'll make life more interesting. If enough people come together that resonate with you, virtually anything can happen. Most great movements in this world were started by only a few people. Like a virus, change spreads.

    Btw, you're so right about that comment that old jerks are criticised until they die... then they're like Ghandi.

    And you answered your own question. You asked, "Why do people go on living?" Well, you gave examples. Some people do it to impress others with their charisma and might. Some do it to prove that their god is supreme and real. We all have our reasons. The point is to find something that makes you want to live. We do seem to be hardwired to live, but not everyone is hardwired to enjoy life.

    We're like, in my mind, sponges. We take up information in a race to satisfy ourselves. My philosphy is that we all do this, whether we're Mother Theresa or a crime lord. I believe that all unselfish acts are actually selfish acts in disguise. When you help others, you're solidifying your place in society. When we became a part of societies (large communities), our lifespans greatly increased. The more we do this, the longer we'll live. If you solidify your position within society, you're very likely to increase your lifespan. This means it's a selfish act, but in disguise. You have to learn how to pull the strings. The more that you isolate yourself from society and make people not like you, the harder it's going to be to ensure that you have a long life. So in broad terms, people who get along with other people and can communicate well will benefit a great deal. Not being able to communicate isolates you and makes you an outcast; that's bad.

    So ya... we're all selfish organisms. Most of the cells in our body are non-human. In fact, i think there're 8 times more non-human cells than there're human cells. In fact, if you took away the non-human cells/organism, our body would not only change shape (our body has been shaped all its life by non-human dna), it would probably liquify and collapse under its own weight. In effect, we're guided by our cells. Our mind is just the navigation/control system, but it doesn't have full authority to determine our desires or attitudes or selfish needs. Rather, it's what the organisms/cells in our body use to satisfy their nutritional needs. Weird eh? Kind of gross too...

    We wouldn't have the capacity to "waste time" by thinking unproductive thoughts if our cells didn't see or experience some potential or value in our ability to think freely. It's hte potential to think productive thoughts that's so invaluable. On average, what humanity produces as a species outweighs the potential of any single individual to waste time with unproductive thoughts. That's my thinking on the matter. I have no way of knowing. If we could watch the evolution/revolution of humans from birth all the way up to a point where we're no longer human, we could make a better judgement about all of this. The universe is like a garden, imho, governed by dna.

    Why do I live? This is a short list:
    1) I want to see the future; so much potential stimulation for my cells to enjoy.
    2) I want to find creative and fun ways to help people.
    3) I'm antagonistic and like to disagree with people; there's no shortage of people making arguments!
    4) I like to see girls; this is related to #1.
    5) I want to see other earths and whether there're non-humans in the universe; again, related to #1.
    6) I want to learn more and be a better person.
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  3. shades

    shades Staff Alumni

    In many ways, I agree with "Johnnys" statement about curiosity because really, I think it's the only reason I'm alive. I've posed the same questions you have Kakihara, since I was 9 years old, and now I'm 54.

    I just remember seeing the look on my dad's face as he came home from work every day looking like he's been in fight...totally exhausted and drained and one day I went to my mom and said "If life is only about working and coming home and looking like dad does, I'm not going to do it". Well, I didn't! Never got married and had the responsibility of raising a family.

    On the other hand, i didn't do much else either. Just went from job to job until my father died and then started to take care of my mother which was about 9 years ago. Not exactly a fulfilling life. BUt I still have curiosity and like to listen to some decent music and go to plays and concerts and hockey games and read. I get great satisfaction out of reading a great book or some Shakespeare. Still, not very fulfilling, but enough to get by.

    LETS FACE IT! There are very few who reach "self-actualization"...a place where you are really making a difference. I'm talking about Mozart, Einstein, Isaac Newton and the great explorers. The rest of us either validate our lives through having children, or f**cking around like me.

    I hope to make some kind of difference on this site. Also, I once worked for a home of mentally challenged children for minimum wage and that was the most fulfilling jobs I ever had. When my mom passes away, I hope to at least be able to do that again or help the elderly in some way. We can make a difference in some small way, but it is mainly curiosity that keeps me around.

    I hope you can find something that makes your life worthwhile. Take care

  4. Angelo_91

    Angelo_91 Well-Known Member

    Very true like look at Michael Jackson. All those fucking hypocrites who called him a pedophile, a creep and just some ugly guy, all just praise him now since hes dead. Fucking hypocrites try to hide their guilt and making themselves look like good people by giving him all this praise when hes dead. I also heard some Michael Jackson feature film will hit theatres soon... and i wonder why. Cause they want to make money off this dead controversial guy.
  5. Reki

    Reki Well-Known Member

    The point in living is different for everybody, growing old and having a family is sort of the general path most people think they should take but life isn't really about doing what other people say you should do, it's about doing what works for you. I live because I have great friends I enjoy spending time with, because I have hobbies I love to spend time on etc etc. What's important to me might not be that important to you and vice versa but actually going out there and finding out what works for you can be pretty difficult. Still, the payoff is certainly worth it.
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