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Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by shukarumarius, Aug 1, 2012.

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  1. shukarumarius

    shukarumarius Member

    I just can't find something,a reason to continue living.I have slowly isolated myself by watching movies,reading books,going out with my friends not to get upset on me...and in the last 2 months I just felt like my search had come to an end.

    I think there are 2 paths you can choose:
    1.the path of life for pleasure or for glory,for making kids or other things.
    2.the path of universe where you think that by finding the truth about death,life and everything else will bring you peace.

    Well I now I want to believe again,but can't...after death there is nothing,we become rotten bodies and after 100 years let's say some will remember you but after 1000 no one will.So it is useless to fight for glory,to sacrifice your life for a better world that will be AFTER you die.

    Freedom,truth,peace,love all of these things are temporary constructs of the human intellect in order to justify an existence without meaning.The universe will die and reborn again and again in a infinite cycle...I may live this life and write this post again and again,but there is no ultimate purpose.

    Sometimes I think it is better to dream that soulmates exist or to be a religious fanatic than become like this.Imagine,only the present moment matters so a christian monk for example renounces pleasure but...he dies more peacefully than any other because he believes there is life after death.

    I tried involving in work,spending more time with my friends...but there comes a time when you just regress back to this condition...
  2. bhawk

    bhawk Well-Known Member

    Whilst there is no afterlife, no purpose, no inherent aim in life, this is actually a gift to us as humans.
    With no afterlife we have to realise we are privileged to be alive, to be made of the same materials as the rest of the universe, to be part of the universe, not seperate but part of the universe that is consciously aware of existence.
    While there is no purpose this gives us a chance to create our own purpose, to consciously change the lives of both ourselves and those around us. We can shape the world to how we want.
    With no inherent aim we can again, create this, give yourself goals to reach for. Dont however get into the idealist thinking of you can do "anything" if you try, this is a lie, everyone has their limits.
    Death itself is a gift to humans as well, it washes the indoctrinated slate clean, allowing new thinking and progression over time.
    The key to it all is perspective, yes noone will remember my name a hundred years after my death, but that doesnt mean to say i shouldnt be good now, a good deed is not done for the glory, it is done because you can improve the world currently, one person at a time. Like ghandi said "be the change you wish to see"
  3. raffle

    raffle Guest

    life is meaningless, but the purpose is to try to cope with it... to try to make some sort of meaning for ourselves. in my life, i've dealt with more bad than good it seems like...but then again, i could just be focusing on the negative now because i myself am feeling like there's no reason to continue. what's the point, right? but to worry about what happens after we die seems irrelevant. there's no reason to worry about the unknown. sure, people might not remember us but who cares? why do we want to be remembered? what you do in this lifetime is what's important. making yourself is happy is important because life sucks and the only way to get out of it alive is to try to focus on the good things (family, friends, etc) and really force yourself to be happy. it's so much easier to dwell on how much everything sucks and i think it takes a lot of strength to really be happy. i'm not there yet either. in fact, i registered on this forum because i'm not happy, but somehow preaching to others is helping me see the other side of things. either way, you ask a very deep question and you have to find it in yourself to answer that question
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