Why create such painful life?

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    As I look back and ponder about everything I have endured and everything I fight against day in day out, I sometimes even wonder why I am even alive still. I wondered many times why I just couldn't have life that I can manage and handle such as mild depression, no trauma, no hearing problems, no bullying, no mental abuse, etc.
    Why would God create a life that is so painful, so unbearable, so miserable that he/she ends his/her life? I mean, I strongly believe deep inside that no one kills themselves before trying everything they could.
    Yes, I get the concept of free will, too. But just looking at my life, despite mistakes, I always tried to be good, productive person. And that is why I stayed away from drugs, alcohol, tobacco and sex. Yet, here I am, still suffering horrendously from severe depression after 10 yrs.
    No one asks to live miserable, depressed, painful life. No one deliberately wants to live depressed, poor, painful, unhappy life. We try our best. But sometimes that is still not enough.
    Why would God create such miserable, painful life that is so torturous that he/she ends his/her life? I really would like to know why if someone could explain.
    Sorry for sounding like venting.

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  3. Hank, if you are upset about being born, please don't blame God, instead, blame your parents, blame your environment.
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    I wish I knew the answer that question, myself. :hug:

    I think when it comes right down to it... maybe it is all about having faith. I don't know. I mean... I know for myself that I always feel as if I'm a horrible Christian or something because I want to die so badly.

    I'm sorry I couldn't really answer your question. Maybe it is just one of those things that the human mind can never really comprehend...

    But regardless... please take care of yourself. :)