why cutting out fat is NOT healthy, and some 'tips' on exercise

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    I heard somewhere (not on here) that people are cutting fat completely out of their diet because they believe it to be the 'quick and easy' way to lose weight, when in actual fact it is the opposite and very harmful to your body. Im gonna show you why this is so, this post is quite scientific but does show why this 'weight' loss porcess is harmful. Im not full qualified but this post is based on the subjects i have learned in sports and healthy eating over the past few years while on a sport science course, this has taken me a very long time to write this as i have had to go thru course notes and explain in a way that you will understand, so bare with me. ps. sorry if this is no help to you but i just thought the need to stress how unhealthy this process can actually be.

    I think weight lose depends on how committed you really are to losing the weight, theres two ways of losing weight either do a gerneal diet organised by someone else and hope it works or take your lifestyle analyze it then make the necessary changes.

    Two parts of your lifestyle need to be looked at, your diet and your exercise scheme, both need to be healthy in order to lose or remain stable. Cutting fat completely out of your diet is not healthy. One way that many people believe is a quick and healthy way to lose the weight is not true, but many people believe that and put their health at serious risk. One thing that concerns me is that people stop eating properly ie. not giving the right amount of energy in the form of food to alow the body to work efficiently, many people cut out fat completely but fat is an important part of our diet, fat is an energy source and without it we would not survive, in order to have a healthy diet the recomended fat is required for our daily energy intake is 25% - 30%. So cutting fat out completely is not the healthy way, ill show you why this is not the way :

    BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is a name for the energy required for an individual their body working at rest ie. how much energy you would need for your system to work if you slept all day.

    Many things can affect BMR are age,height, weight and body composition.

    Males = 66 + (13.7 x W) + (5 x H) - (6.8 x A) = BMR

    Females = 665 + (9.6 x W) + (1.7 x H) - (4.7 x A) = BMR

    W = Weight (KG)
    H = Height (CM)
    A = Age in years
    kcals = kilo calories

    I'll show you a quick way of working this out:

    A male is 20 years old and weighs 70KG and he is 180cm tall
    66 + (13.7 x 70) + (5 x 180) - (6.8 x 20)
    66 + 959 + 900 - 136
    1925 - 136
    BMR = 1789 kcals per day

    So he needs 1789 at least to keep the body working properly. So for a healthy body, this male must provide the body with 1789 kcals to keep his body working (his body staying 'alive'), if he was to go below this amount of kcals he will out his body at serious risk and organs can become seriously damaged and start to break downie. begin to die because they are not getting the right amount of energy to work, so the minimum he should take in is 1789 kcals.

    Healthy Eating
    3 healthy meals a day is a vital part of a healthy diet. A balanced diet for a normal person should be:
    55% carbohydrates
    15% Protein
    25-30% Fat

    If you get this percentage right with eating, vegetables, fruit etc. then this is the healthy way of eating.

    The balanced diet will not make you lose the weight instantly exercise is needed to burn off the extra energy in the body, if you dont burn that energy then it iwll be stored as fat hence gaining weight, so its vitally important to exercise. The best sport i would recommend is swimming, you burn a hell alot of calories while swimming and is a great way to lose extra weight, also if you hate exerscise and have kids then try taking them swimming with you, your having fun and you wont reaslise how long your exerscing for and also it a great way to bond with the kids and have some extra time with them.

    I might make a thread with a exerscise scheme i could design for exercising begginers if anyone wants to information on getting started in exercise but im not sure yet tho as i dont know how much help that would be for people.

    If anyone wants to ask ask or know anythign please feel free to post here or PM me if you dont want to post here.

    Sorry for this being so long, thank you if you did read this just thought id share some extra knowledge on this as i have been studying things like this for a few year.



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    Very interesting thanks for all that ^_^

    The diet I've been following says something very similar only it really gets into the "good fat" and the "bad fat". Milk fat, most Oil Fat and Meat fat being bad types (I'm sure theres many other examples). Whereas the fat from Olives, Olive oil, Fish (not shrimp though, strangely) and Nuts (mmm cashews, almonds!) are good fat examples.

    I noticed that since I've been following these recommendations for fat intake I've been feeling alot more energetic. One day at work I mistook the colors of the little cream containers from the local coffee shop and put 4 of them in my decaf coffee when I meant to put in 4 of the skim milk ones. I was yawning for 2 hours and I had gotten the same amount of sleep (8 hours) as every night, I was fine in the morning before I had the coffee (I had it with lunch) so it was kinda a weird example to me of hard your body works to process those types of fats (if it was in fact the ton of cream I had in that decaf coffee. I assume it was because I haven't had that thick a fat source for about a month and this is the only time in that month that I have felt that way)

    I never used to eat nuts much, never really liked them cause there was so much more tastey foods to choose from but now I love my 1/2 cup snack of mixed unsalted cashews, almonds, brazil nuts, hazelnuts and walnuts and theres so much fat in nuts that it keeps your fat intake for the day quite high but its still a very good source of fat so its safe if your trying to lose weight and feel energetic :) Not to mention only 1/2 a cup keeps you full for hours! :)
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    Nuts are really good for you. I love pistachios myself...but there one of the most expensive hehe...plus I can never find unsalted ones. Its the type of fat thats in nuts that make them ok....Its saturated fat that you really need to be concerned about..and that comes mostly from red meats, which is why trim cuts of red meats have become so popular, lean mince and so on.

    Coffee is something I really need to take control of....I think i picked up the habit in my old job, when it was so freely available, and was pretty good coffee too. My saving grace is that I drink a lot of water, especially in summer, im constantly gulping down water, easily a litre a day..often approaching 1.5 litres. You need to be careful however that your not draining yourself of necessary vitamins and minerals through going to the toilet too often. You also notice that when you drink a lot of water, you tend to sweat a little more freely...losing salt. So you need to keep an eye on that as well.

    Vikki thats the right way of working it out for sure. I know I should be having around that 1700 mark. Its something I "try" to keep in the back of my mind.
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    Thanks Vikki for this thread, I found it very interesting and I would be interested in any excerise information you would like to pass on. :smile:

    I have worked out my BMR as 1758 :sad:

    Not good!