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    Lemme just say the entire thing

    I was with my Girlfriend for 2years.. we split up due to arguements 'n' stuff
    and i kinda just moved on cause i met an amazing girl called Jen who made me feel amazing and perfect but we had an arguement... and well she didnt talk to me for like 3-4days and my ex saw me upset and tried to talk to me i stupidly enough thought she was different i mistaken comfort with love
    and i got back with her for about 10months.. and then we split up again.
    She's Currently pregnant(unplanned)...
    so ye i felt so weird then that girl came back into my life and we jsut talked about it all and sayin we missed eachother 'n' stuff... and we got on perfectly and when i told her about the baby and stuff well she just said she cant be with me anymore

    what i wanna know is..
    am i a bad person? cause i feel like shit because of this im still the same guy i was just with mistakes :/

    EDIT: jen says well you easily moved on, you can just do it again, she doesn't know the girl was my ex... urgh
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    Delete this post.
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    dont delete it. its good to let it out. im so sorry for the situation your in. I dont think this makes you a bad person at all. I think you were just lonely and these things happen sometimes. Im sorry if im not too comforting. maybe if you want to PM me sometime, you can let it out there? :smile: :Hug:
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    A bad person for what? I dont see anything wrong with what happen. just a few a mistakes i suppose. Try and make the best of them.