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Why did I ever think the job I took last year was the answer!

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Why did I ever take that job last year I never know oh I remember because I needed one now I am regretting it big time, wake up in a morning not wanting to go to work, when I am at work can't wait till 5:30 when I can go home. Hate every one I work with and have to pretend to like them all. God it getting to me so much. Just wish it would end. Some days feel like taking a blanking plate off a pc or the Stanly knife we have and just cutting my self up. I know that not logical but it would get me out of that shit hole I work in.

Family and friends just say look for another job but with the way the job market is at the moment it hard. I am scared I am going to do some thing sooner or later to myself.
What is it that you don't like about the people that you work with? :hug:

And yes, look for another job even though you are right, the job market does suck. But it can't hurt to look.

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You keep look hun at least you have job experiance now to put on your resume right something will come up until then see how you can make your stay at work more livable
Well it just the attitude of the people who I work with and the management in the company the best analogy I can think of is they could not organist a drinking competition in a pub.

There at least one person there who if he can't get his own way threatens to hit people and the management wont do a single thing about it he also a leazzy ass.

I also work with one of my friends there and he a doom and gloom merchant put in a mood most of the time when you asking him tec questions he gives you BS answers.

All in all I absolute hate the place.
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