why did i try after i died ??????

Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by guage, Mar 4, 2013.

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  1. guage

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    Things changed when I died
    I was two young not to try
    Never have I asked why
    Although for thirty years wish I died
    Why is it so important to resuscitate
    Once someone reached the departure gate
    No matter your souls ache
    It was not your damn fate
    Misery is all I've known since then
    Can't wait to get back in
    My existence has been so bleak
    Does this mean my soul is weak
    Contrary to popular belief
    Death seems awesome relief
    Is it bad for my desire
    For my soul to walk in pits of fire
    I'm not a faithful man
    Day by day just surviving the best I can
    I don't believe in heaven or hell
    So damn tired of this living shell
    One day closer to the end
    And no one there to call friend
    So damn used to being alone
    When I pass I won't groan
    Is there hell is there heaven
    Who the hell cares for im no ones brethren
    These two legged creatures they call human
    Are the only species that need groomin'
    Incoherent rants all I got
    Why the fuck haven't I been shot
    In my darkest hours of need
    Clearly visible this human greed
    Sources of help not yet tried
    Oh wait i just lied
    Face to face all humans have lied
    I changed thirty years ago when I died
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  2. WildCherry

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    Nothing you write is incoherent... your writing speaks volumes about how you feel, what you've been through. I hope you'll keep posting.
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