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Why Did They Have to Die??

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:depressed: One of my closest friends died last night along with her brother. They crashed into an embankment and her brother was flung from the Jeep and hit multiple trees.

Why? :cry:

She was only 13 and he was only 16.

:blue: :thatsit: :badday:

i feel so alone
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Oh hun i'm so so sorry to hear the bad news. How terrible.. I wish i had the words that would somehow help right now. My thoughts are with you and their family..

Please try to take very good care of yourself right now.. you'll probably be going through a mix of emotions.. but remember that we're here should you need us

Thinking of you :rose:
Jenny xx


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Oh Lucy, I am so sorry for your loss.:sad: I have no explanations, no reason, no real solace to offer you except to say that I love you and hope you can come out of this sorrow a stronger person. I know from your poetry that you are intelligent and kind and compassionate. I send you lots of hugs and strength and hope for your getting thru this without too much damage to you.

Your friends are in a better place - safe and warm and without disease or injury - it's the ones they leave behind that are in a bad way.:sad: I love you Lucy and send you my love and lots and lots of hugs.




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i'm so sorry to hear . . that

i just kist a friend last week as well, he got crushed by a tree duyring the typhoon . .

and my cousin was also buried last week because she (11 years) was drowned in a mudslide . . .

the events happened in the Philippines,

if you've been watching the news lately, you'll know .

but nevertheless, my deepest condolences, and i'm here to ensure you that you're not alone in your pain of loss . . ^^

I am so sorry for that enormous loss. It is so hard to deal with a loss like that. I know how painful it is, and how alone you feel... But it will pass once you finish greiving...you will always miss them and love them, it just won't feel so overwhelming as it is now. But know that they will always be with you, in your heart.

We will be here for you through your struggle and I will always have a shoulder for you hun... and an ear to lend. Hang in there sweetheart...we are here for you no matter what. You always have us, and we love and value you. :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

You'll be in my thoughts hun..... :handinhan

With all my love,

Im sooo sorry for your loss hun, you must be going thru alot of mixed emotions right now, but please take care of yourself, its times like these that we tend to let ourselfs go and i don't want that to happen to you. I care about you and just want you to be safe, know im allways here anytime for you.

Please take care

Vikki x
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