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Why do friends feel bad for me?


You are valuable :-)

I started a small retail store and run it. My dad sometimes help me. I occasionally socialize on the weekends with two friends who are working in the corporate and will be married soon. I look presentable , I sound ok, but emotionally I am indifferent. Then why do they and one agent told me that they feel bad after meeting me? Probably because at present I am not making much money which has made me emotionally indifferent plus dad has retired... *dunno


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As long as you are okay with how your life is going then screw what anyone else thinks?


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If the friends are close enough to tell you that they feel bad after meeting you, then are they also close enough for you to ask them why they feel bad? You can try to guess all day but asking is faster if comfortable and think you will get an honest response.

Many years ago I had someone tell me that they and other of our mutual friends could tell something big was wrong with me (long-term, not on just one day) but weren't sure exactly what. On the one side I was shocked that my unspoken feelings were out for everyone to see after all. But I was also glad they mentioned it, so I could realize that people pick up on more than just what I say.


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I can't imagine why folks would think poorly about you, everything I have experienced or read from you has been positive and a plus, I am another who can be indifferent and emotionally distant, not connected much to others and most around me are comfortable but a small number can experience an unsettling feeling around me.

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