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why do i always fail......

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I always fail no matter how hard i try.. i cant do anything right.... im so worthless...... all i do is fuck things up and im never going to get it right..... if i was gone it would be so much better for the people around me they don't need to be disappointed with me every time i fail..... i try and try and try and i still fail
i will never be able to do something right..... i fail at school.....i fail at life.....
I dont care what you've done - no one is worthless, full stop. by trying you've passed already hun. Trying is all we ever do in life... and it can get you fair far too :hug:



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hey John, your not worthless, and the fact that you still get up and brush your self off every day and move on shows your strength, and shows that your not a faliure, failure is giving up.....dont do that buddy....we're here for you....stay strong...-Jodi
That's just it I'm so tired of getting back up I just want to stay down and not get back up....
Just GET UP! You need to live your life! It's your chance to change the world to be with people. You have something to live for, we all do! So LIVE! You're not a failure! Stop saying you are.
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