Why do I bother..

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  1. meaningless-vessel

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    .. keep on coming here - onto the forum or into the chat..

    When all I seem to do lately is criticize, or basically be a self-titled asshole?

    If I can answer this question? Maybe I'd be a bit closer to understanding what needed to change.

    In a nutshell - my attitude has just dropped like a stone in a river...
  2. flowers

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    Here are my personal thoughts.
    I am most critical when I am in the most pain. I am least critical when I am feeling less pain. I think its the inner pain/hurt that causes people to feel anger critical etc. Angry at and critical of themsevles first and then others.

    So you ask why do you bother coming here when you feel this way. Maybe its the best time to be here. Rather than be alone with that kind of hurt and pain. Although when I judge, get angry etc, even though it is from pain, it gives me more fodder to hate myself. Because I judge and hate my own actions. Making things feel so much worse. Its a viscious cycle. For me the roots are pain. Lots of it.

    I think each person finds their own way through it all. I have been working on it for more years than I can count. Working on healing the pain.
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