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    I'm going to use a bad word, but I am so frustrated right now. F*** YOU Liesl. I can't believe you could screw up things even further than they already were. Because of you I'm really battling right now and my father hasn't spoken to me in the last two months. I know my current therapist says I have to forgive her and I want to, but every time I remember the fact that I have no money and no chance of getting a job, and I rely on my father to support me for the moment and I now have to beg him and make up excuses to get a bit of money. I can't forgive Liesl right now I'm just far too angry.
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    ((hugs)) Hope it helped to let it all out!! Hope things improve for you, sorry you are hurt :(
  3. Freya

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    Its okay to be angry. Being angry on your own behalf is alright - it shows you know you deserve better - and that is okay. Feel free to vent and use as many bad words as needed *hug*
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    carebear, you are not alone most of us have been in similar circumstances at one time or another, I have felt what you feel, the frustration, the sense of helplessness at times, I can remember how the madder I got the more helpless i felt, one was feeding on the other I sincerely hope that you will start doing better, I just thought I would let you know we care for each other here, I came in here to yell an try to get rid of some of my pent up feelings, then I saw that you were giving a warning that you were going to use a bad word, I laughed then cried because so many people use bad language to put others down but you did not, yay for you! Kudos! Thanks!