Why do I bother?

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    Why do I bother to care when I just get hurt over and over again?
    Why do I bother to hope for a future that likely will never happen?
    Why do I bother to fight for myself when no one listens?
    Why do I bother to hold in all my hate and anger just to drive myself crazy?

    Is there really any point? I'm driven into the shadows hating all that is. An empty heart begs to be full again. A restless soul begs to be free. A stressed mind begs for relief. Will life grant freedom, or grant more torment? I hardly recognize myself anymore.

    I know I have a tenancy to repeat myself a bit, but it would seem I just need to let some thoughts out. At this point I have lost my mind and I am quite paranoid. I am seeing the effects more and more. Sometimes I'd rather just dream, but even my dreams get bad. I feel trapped with no way out. Why couldn't I just have a normal life?
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    Hi Silent,

    I think lots of people here feels the same as you do. hope you are getting some support in real life as well to sort this out and get better.