why do I do this....?

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    Why do I deliberately inflict pain on people I love? My boyfriend is so wonderful and me plucking one somewhat Gray hair turned into me continuing to inflict unnecessary pain. Idk why though because I love him with all my heart. I love my friends and family but I often find myself deliberately hurting them when they haven't done anything to deserve it. Why do I do this and can someone PLEASE tell me how to stop it!
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    It is a self destructive behavior and just another method of self harm. Your actions are hurting them but likely are geared more towards trying to push them away from you so hurting yourself. Have you talked to a therapist about it? CBT therapy can be helpful with this type of thing for some people. In the mean time - if you are actually hurting them then try as soon as you become cognizant of what is happening to step back and breathe and distract yourself in some way. Decide if you are hurting them or if you have a reason to be upset... Thoughts are with you :hug: