why do I even try?

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  1. some_random_name

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    I am annoying I know but I try. I try to talk to those who I like. I try to bond with those I love. I always seem to mess it up. I'm going to stop putting myself out there. I'm sick of being hurt.
  2. ThePhantomLady

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    No you're not! You've been so nice and kind to me. Thank you for that!

    Don't give up, please. You're a great person!
  3. Rockclimbinggirl

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    No, keep trying. Do not give up. You are not an annoying person.
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  4. Petal

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    I'm sorry you are hurting so much, feel free to PM me anytime. You are not alone here at all. We're here for you and we do care!! *hugs*
  5. some_random_name

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    An update.I'm tired of being everyone's "therapist" in my family. I hate to say this but I'm tired of these horrible telling me their horrible ideas and thoughts. Most of the time it's sickening. I just sick of these people. I want an actual person who I confide with and they me. They just tell me stuff which is sick. I'm tired of all these morbid and disgusting people opening up to me.