why do i even try

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    when i see someone hurting, it hurts my heart and my soul, i wanna take their pain away and yet it seems i fail at that too...tonite my self esteem has been in the gutter and yet i pulled myself out to help a guy i thought i understood...but all i really saw was a mask of a man waiting to let loose these words "tell me something about you that has attracted you to me, and better yet what are your intentions for this conversation, honey i saw what was going on in chat and was concerned, i care believe it or not thats admirable but dont think im at all interesred in you ,i just k the path after 100,s of women who youve slept with that think they can change the story please dont make assumptions about me and btw i am a woman yea thats ugly and unfare im sorry damaged goods ive been married for 21 yrs and never cheated

    dont ppl realize words cut so much deeper than any blade ever could, self esteem gone, i unno y i even bother to care or even check on ppl anymore, i feel so defeated
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    awww meg, other people being assholes has nothing to do with how good of a person you are. I mean, you can only really control how kind you are. Anyway, hope you feel better
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    Aww hun. I'm sorry that those words were uttered to you. But dont let the hurt of one person make you feel so bad. Obviously the person doesnt understand what a caring and supportive friend you are. Sounds like this person is hurting and feels the need to pull others in with them. Dont let them do it to you. You know you are a caring person and so do many others here. Be proud of that fact. Too many people see others pain and turn away saying "well there is nothing I can do" or "it doesnt involve me". But you dont. It is a wonderful trait to have. But it can be costly one too. We tend to tire ourselves out helping others. Then when we need some strength we've pretty much used it all up. And I think that is where you are right now. Tired and used up. So lean on the other members here hun. But please dont let those ugly words make you think ugly things about yourself. Yep words cut deep but they are only words hun.
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    Words are the worse when ignorant people use them to hurt others. The person needs to have someone give him a good punch tell him smarten up you are and idiot and an ass. I don't care deserves it especially when someone kind and sensitive was being supportive and caring Don't even acknowlege this person he doesn't exist anymore Please don't let him hurt you he is not worth it . I really hate people like him. take care