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Why do I feel great???

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I have seriously been planning my demise for the last two weeks - getting everything like, wills, money and arrangements for my partner put in place.
I have been unwell for the last 12 months and been off work since January 2010. I felt hopeless and desperate. I was making a good recovery , but now realise that I am the only person who cannot reconcile the cause of my illness. , and the fact that someone is getting away with it! ( I do not wish to go into detail!)
However, now I have made the decision and the arrangements I feel absolutely great, and I feel at peace and for the first time in a year I know what I want to do.
My partner has become aware of my plans and she says that my mindset is wrong and not rational.
If it is wrong - why does it feel so right?


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Because you've found a solution to your problems. You've accepted suicide as the answer to everything.

This is a pro-life forum, so no one's going to agree with your decision. What we will do is help you sort out your problems, no matter how impossible they seem, so that you can find a solution other than suicide, to the best of our ability. If it's appropriate, we'll also tell you about the aftereffects of a suicide, and how much irreparable damage it causes to the people who care about you.

Now, before you accepted suicide as the solution, what was hurting you?


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A lot of people believe it or not, feel the same when they plan such things. It kind of makes it feel like there will be a close and you feel a peace.. But I don't really think it means it's right. I've also had this feeling many times when I have attempted..

It may feel like it's the "right thing to do" but I found when it came to the day of doing it, the anxiety about it became crushing.. And I would feel guilty. And I guess even if you really have no one that likes you or anything, you still affect everyone around you when you die.. You cannot completely erase yourself from the world.

I would think about who your death might affect.. At least..

I don't think its necessarily a "wrong" mind set, but I think you need to see all possibilities.. I know you prob wont want to, but I think you should talk to a councilor about the suicidal thoughts and feelings.. And look at all the possibilities of life.. Pretty much anything in life can change. :hug:
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