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Why do I feel so bad all the time?

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So, First thread here and I dont really know where to begin, probably because I dont know where it did.....

Im sad, upset and lonely, no friends, family living hundreds of miles away who dont even care anyway, boyfriend, who works in a war zone thousands of miles away.....a life that is pathetic and pointless to its very core.

Earlier this year I was on the brink of ending it all, I ask myself over and over what stopped me, and the answer was my husband, but he isnt here anymore, so whats stopping me now, and the answer is I dont know anymore.

YOu always find that people *say* they care, I have a few people at work like that, but believing what they say is another matter completely.

I have no one.....Nobody and that is the sad fact plain and simple.

I have a week off of work next week, and I think with my mood being so bad, my boss at work is worried about what I might do. She is trying to make me go down and spend time with my family, but it was my Birthday 3 weeks ago and I didnt even hear from them, I dont talk to them and they dont talk to me either.

I feel like im stubling around my soory excuse for an existance blind, trying to find a path in life, one where I can be happy and can make myself happy and its not working.

I went home from work today, My mood was bad and I havent been able to stop crying at my desk so my boss told me I could go home. Things have got to be pretty bad when you get sent home from work because of how down you are.

I wish I could just go to sleep, pull the covers over my head and not have to wake up....


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Hi and welcome...it is so difficult to be without support, which is why I am so glad you found us...with your bf being so far away and in harm's way, it also adds to your stress...have you sought any intervention for your mood? Maybe this is the time to advocate for effective care so you can see how to feel better...I hope you continue to post and let us know what is going on for you...my PM box is always open so please write me if I can be of any help...welcome again, J

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Hi hun just know you are not alone now okay. We get it here dam depression sucks life out you. I do hope you talk to your doctor okay medication can help you it actually gave me some energy to do things i used to do. Is there help group within the arm forces that you can talk to as well hun I do hope you continue to talk to us okay pm me anytime as well hugs:hugtackles::hugtackles:


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Hi Fyre,

You've come to a good place.

People here will listen to you, offer suggestions, or simply hold your virtual hand.

It sounds like you have a good boss who appreciates you, pays attention, and looks out for your best interests. That is extremely valuable.

Many of us are in a similar place as you, or have been there from time to time. While circumstances are different, many similarities exist.

I look forward to watching you sift through your issues, as I and many others sift through our own, and we all help each other.


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Hello, Do you see a therapist?? It might do you some good..I'd hate for you to have a breakdown and loose your job.. Thats what happened to me.. I had a breakdownand couldn't deal with work so I quit my job.. I had a good paying job, excellent benefits, and a tidy amount in my 401k..Well I lost it all.. Thats why I want you to seek professional help now..
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