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Why do I still miss her!


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I am Lost, not knowing where I am coming from and not knowing where I am going! My thoughts remembering.. bringing the warm feelings back I once felt until I remember the end of it all and what happened.

It has not even been a year and I, to this very day still think of her.. though I know I shouldn't! She wouldn't for me.. so why.. the torture that I put myself through!

It hurts that I have not put these... feelings aside! I thought I had dealt with it.. thinking that it would be for the better.. thinking.. like the old saying goes "It is better to have love and lost.. then never loved at all"

What should BEAR do??

total eclipse

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Let it go hun and try to find someone new to fill the emptiness inside okay
You find someone more deserving of your love one that will recipricate those emotions back You will find someone new hun please get out join new activiities so you can meet that someone special hugs


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I think finding what is it you really miss from the relationship, and trying to fill that emotional need on your own, at least in part, might be a good idea. Often we stay frozen in time when we stumble upon an unresolved inner conflict. And we can drag those things in all our meaningful following ones until we figure it out. Emotional pain has always something to teach us. When we put a hand on a burning stove, the pain has something to tell us: remove it of you will get burned. We curse our pain, when in fact, its maybe the most powerful tool in telling us there is something wrong going on here.

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