Why do men lie?

Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by Avarice, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. Avarice

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    I've been with my "boyfriend" for around 11 months now, and our whole relationship he's done nothing but lie to me and cheat on me. Why do men do this? Even about the smallest of things. It does my head in, and I can't stand liars. He even lies about not lying, and even when there is proof of his lying, he lies about not lying. I honestly cannot stand the dishonesty and cheating that he does and expects me to put up with. I tell him that if he does it again we're over yet he does over and over again, and still insists he loves me.

    Is this a generally male thing or did I just fall for a complete loser?​
  2. Remedy

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    All the guys I've known have been like that. :dry:
    Though I've heard there are some good ones out there ?
    Either way, you deserve better. :hug:
  3. ~PinkElephants~

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    Umm, why have you been with him for 11 months if all he's done is lie and cheat? If you say you love him that's fine but he clearly doesn't love you back and you deserve so much better.
  4. Avarice

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    I didn't know he had been lying the whole time. I found out he was lying about some stuff about four months ago and then about two or three weeks ago more lies came out that apply to the whole time we've been dating. Problem is though, I don't want any better.

    Ooh yeah, I keep hearing that - that there are better guys out there. I think I just repel them though, 'cause I've certainly never met any. x.x ​
  5. aoeu

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    I don't lie. Please don't paint us all with the same brush. Much like every other demographic, some men lie, some do not... The same is true of women.
  6. ~PinkElephants~

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    SHe didn't say "all" men lie. She said why do men lie
  7. A.Nonymous

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    Through my experience, women tend to fall for "boys" that understand how to attract women. They're the ones that cheat and lie to them.

    However, those that begin to understand attraction and wouldn't lie to you are "men". I've slowly begun to build up my own understanding of attraction and have gotten a few small achievements since then and it's helping me along with my own struggle with being suicidal.

    You can't help that you're attracted to men that understand push-pull, it's just a lot of jerks realize how it works and a minority of "men" that wouldn't hurt you understand it.

    However, what you can do is give men that come off as "creeps" a second chance when they first fuck up and creep you out. They're just not good at understanding how to let women know they "might be" attracted to them.
  8. Zurkhardo

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    What A. has said is spot on. Men like this one (and I don't presume I know him as much as you) seem like the type of over-confident, self-assured types that feel they can get any women and thus be able exploit them.

    Most importantly, they tend to 'prey' on women that are emotionally weak or otherwise dependent on them, since it facilitates their exploitation. I think all you need to do is assert yourself and be more strong-willed against him: that tends to intimidate his type.

    Granted this all conjecture on my part, coming from the male perspective :p Hope it helps and that it all works out.
  9. max911

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    Multiple times? Lie after lie? You're dating a boy.

    Leave him, you warned him and the truth is that you don't need better or worse. Being respected is alot better then not being respected, people like that aren't there for you anyway and not to mention say you do marry him. What happens when he gets another girl preganant? You pick up the bills because he's paying child support? Or what about stds? You want the herps so even if you do leave this child you could potentially get turned down by the man of your dreams for being diseased?
  10. A.Nonymous

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    Hmm... However the "strong willed" women are the ones that the game is targeted toward. "Awkward Silence" is hilarious to me, but that's just because I was accustomed to it before I learned anything.

    However, when the boy is lying to you and not just playing attraction, you should stop hanging around and avoid him. I'd also suggest you hang around with other men to get over him (this is what I suggest to guys that're stuck on girls, same thing for the opposite sex).

    Just shop around and you'll find someone that knows what they're doing and you'll pretty much forget about your old boyfriend. Best of luck, emotions are a bitch (Still struggling with getting over a girl myself).
  11. christian_1990

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    meaning of life right there
  12. mdmefontaine

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    i'm a woman. (duh..madame) some women lie. some men lie.

    if you want an authentic relationship, you have to choose an authentic partner. but all relationships require risks simply because when you do make the choice of partner, you cannot 100 % predict their future behavior.

    and..if it turns out that you've chosen someone who lies and is unfaithful, and you continue to stay with them and ALLOW yourself to be treated poorly, you simply encourage more of the same behavior.

    you do deserve better than someone who lies and if unfaithful. if you say though, that you '''don't''' want better, then don't expect him to change.

    choosing a partner with values that you desire, i believe is worth the time and effort.
    sticking around to be mis-treated, is a form of self-hatred. and i wish you would love yourSELF, and put yourSELF first and move on from this guy.
  13. BlueWind

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  14. BlueWind

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    To Beat Women To It !!!:dry:
  15. Summer.Rain

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    Men lie because they want to be something they are not
    or because they want something and they dont care about how to get it.

    For example, there are lots of dickheads out there that look like shit
    they loosing hair, thair boddys looks like crap, they have small dicks
    but they still want a nice girl, so they do whatever they can to get her
    from lieing to plastic surgery....

    Plus there are guys who addicted to sex, so they date girls tell them
    how they love them and all this crap just to get laid, and then insted
    of spending all the time again to impress a diffrent girl
    they just say "ök lets make it into relations" while they dont really
    want to be your b\f they just want to fuck you and go home to play the computer...

    We guys call it "fuck buddy" and this "buddy" dont know the truth..
    she think its relations... oh well :tongue:
  16. bluebird002

    bluebird002 Active Member

    a lot of men complain about how women go for liars and cheats.

    maybe you could try some of those nice guys, if you can. the guys you might normally overlook.

    i can't stand it when someone lies about lying when you know they are lying - and have proof - it's sooo annoying.
  17. Angelo_91

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    There really is no valid answer to this or the other similar topic. Except that it is the specific person not the gender.

    Why do people lie? -> In my opinion: fear, insecurity, and selfishness.
  18. Zurkhardo

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    Haha, and there in lies this whole complex game we call dating :p Good observation.
  19. Godsdrummer

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    I never lied to my wife, until Alcoholism took over my life. Once I was consumed by the disease, all bets were off. :sad:
  20. Pr3cious

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    There must be some people that never lies and will love u 100%, but these people dont show often.

    My boyfriend been with me for 9 months, he never ever lied to me (I know I can be wrong), but trust me, he truly loved me.

    But in the end, he left me. But we are still best friends............ But Im not gonna tell how depressed Iam every single day.