Why do people always say it gets better?

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It clearly isn't true in my case. I've been waiting for 10 friggin' years and guess what? No,no, I'll wait; take your time.

.....Got it? Good. And if not, then I pray for you. :dry:

Obviously, the answer is that life,for me,is still crap. EVERYONE I talk to says, life will get better soon. "Can you be more specific?" Just be patient. And that's when I think 'You have to be kidding me!' By the time joy finally comes I could be dead (excuse the suicide pun~dadadum :wink: )

I mean for some people they get help, but after alot of the stuff I've been though for the past 10 years- I better get a 30 Year+ Happiness and Glory Plan sponsored by Disney and Build-A-Bear Workshop because any more negativity will kill me off (I have a whole set of them, folks.)

So yeah. I just wish people would be more truthful. Example:

"Will things get better for me?"
"Probably not, so don't get your hopes up. Just enjoy the pain."

It's that easy. That way my hopes are lowered and they are now not capable of being pushed any further- they can only go upwards....or not...


Questions, complaints, answers,etc. are welcome.
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You have to take a step forward and believe enough that it can get better so your body will keep moving along. If you are stuck in a spot of course it wont get better just like that... yuo need to fo something about it. it CAN get better...

Here to talk anytime, take care, ALly x
do you think it might be because of how you are viewing your situation? i've learned that any argument is correct because everything has different perspective to it, an winning an agument with another person only really depends on linguistics and charisma etc. next time you're not doing anything at all, smoke a cigarette, and enjoy it. (or eat some cake if you like cake, or dance if you like to dance, or draw if you like to draw, or go fishing if you like to fish... i think you get the picture)
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