Why do people change and not for the better?

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    I have been with my husband for going on six years now..The first year and a half or so was wonderful..When we moved in with eachother (I was 17 years old) we lived in this house for about a year and that was the best and happiest time of my life. I didnt care that we didnt have much money and that the lights would go out if I used the microwave while the shower was on...When bad things happened I was able to blow them off like they didnt matter. I felt loved, needed, appreciated, I felt like I was worth something.. A awful event happened which forced us to move where we are now.. To make a long story short my husband got drunk, had sex with one of my friends, a few days later I find out Im pregnant, Im stupid enough to agree to let him stay in my life, now cps in my case, and I wish I would die. My husband has changed and turned into a mini moster. He yells at me, makes fun of me, cussing at me..He never done that before, NEVER.. Hes started to raise his voice, cuss a lot, and even go as far as to throw things around the house..Never before did he act anything like that..He never raised his voice to me, he never made fun of me, he never even cussed around me.. I should mention his making fun of me is my emotional and mental status.. He says things like 'Thats stupid..You shouldnt be crying over something as stupid as that'.. Hes never hit me or physically abused me but why did he have to change into this jerk...
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    Sounds like your husband is probably dealing with his own issues and doesn't want to face up to them.
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    I know he has some issues but I have no idea what brought them on.. Hes thinking of making himself a appointment somewhere...