Why do people come here?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by SuicideIsTheWrongOption, Mar 8, 2009.

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  1. SuicideIsTheWrongOption

    SuicideIsTheWrongOption Well-Known Member

    People who come here to this forum, are the same as those who call the suicide hotlines. People who don't want to go through with it, and want someone to say "don't do it, we care". But we all know thats not true. You don't know them, you never will, how can you care?

    how many suicides does calling for help (forum, hotline or otherwise) even prevent?

    How many people, who are actually going to kill themselves actually come to places like this? They just decide, "hey i'm gonna kill myself, why don't i take the time to call or visit this website, both of whom will probably try to talk me out of it."

    People who are actually going to kill themselves don't take time to visit these kind of places. Those who do don't really have it in them to do the deed.

    Why am i here? I'm here because i've thought of suicide for a long time. I've known since puberty, that i would be the cause of my death. I would eventually kill myself in some manner. It's inevitable. There is only one reason i haven't done the deed and that's because of my family. I can't bare to think of the trauma i would cause them with my death, and the last thing i want is to influence another family member to follow my footsteps, and i know there are some who will. I'm just waiting for the day i drink too much and get it over with...and i know it's not now, but soon. The real reason i'm here is because i want to know why you (who are not suicidal, at the moment) think you need to save others from suicide? Some need saving (and i believe they'd never do it anyways), some don't (the ones who wouldn't hesitate to do the deed), so why bother?

    Why are you here? is it because you fear death and feel the need to talk others out of it? Do you feel it's some sort of duty of yours to "help" others out of thier suicide. Is it religious? Do you do it because you've been where we've been?

    Sometimes i wished i could believe in god....just so i know who to blame for the worlds problems.
  2. xan

    xan Chat Buddy

    I don't think what you're saying is right... for a start if you've come here then surely you're admitting you'll never commit suicide?

    A lot of people come here becasue they want to commit suicide but they don't want to die... if that makes any sense.. like you said they might have family they will leave behind, things that will be unaccomplished. It's harsh to say that they're not going to do it so we should ignore them becasue if they're asking for help they're ok. They ask for help becasue they need help.
  3. ForestGreen

    ForestGreen Well-Known Member

    I am not ready to talk yet, but when I am going to be ready, I am hoping for helpful advice. I don't know anyone here yet, but that will hopefully come in the future.
  4. Smashed__

    Smashed__ Well-Known Member

    This is exactly how I feel. I have felt like this for years.
  5. SuicideIsTheWrongOption

    SuicideIsTheWrongOption Well-Known Member

    I am a hypocrite, but that's not even my best quality. Maybe i am too weak to kill myself. I've only tried once and it was pathetic at best.

    I don't know why i'm here.

    sometimes i'm just so sick of everything, and today i chose to take it out on those who feel they need to help others.

    i'm sure if i stay nothing good will come of it.
  6. HOW

    HOW Well-Known Member

    I know how you feel knowing that suicide will be the cause of death. Twice I stopped my attempt because the only thing I was thinking of was the pain I was inflicting on my parents.

    People come her to get help. Everyone wants to live, it's normal. Suicide just brings relieve from the world and thus is seen as the answer.

    I don't fear death at all, I look forward to death even though I'm not currently in a depressive stage. It's just nice to know that here you can talk to others who are like oneself and open up to them. I don't know any people who suffer under depression, suicidal thoughts or severe anxiety in the real world so this is like an escape to a place where I am normal.
  7. Stranger1

    Stranger1 Forum Buddy & Antiquities Friend

    i don't much appreciate your staement that if people come here they aren't really suicidal..Hate to tell you this but they are!!! I have three attempts and one of them I don't know how I survived from it..I come here for both support to help me from trying again and to offer support those who are on the brinks of commiting..When you get your facts straight then come talk to me...
  8. ForestGreen

    ForestGreen Well-Known Member

    You have made a great post IMO. I am glad you are still here and offering others advice, thank you for that.
  9. flowerpot

    flowerpot Well-Known Member

    generally, people want to die because life is so hard for them, they don't just want to die for no reason.. even though sometimes they may feel content with just dying & might feel like nothings wrong it's just what they want..

    they feel like death is the only way to stop the pain.

    in my opinion.. people come here because they don't know how to help themselves, they will reach out to anyone for some kind of answer or aid or something because it is so hard.

    many people here have attempted. i disagree that just because people are here they're never gonna go through with it, though i do have to admit, i hope they find help & support here so that they don't have to end their life, i hope things get better for everyone.
  10. Summer.Rain

    Summer.Rain Well-Known Member

    Well... im here because i have no one ales to talk to
    sometimes im nice and freandly, sometimes (as some in here noticed) i can
    be a real asshole, but it all starts and ends because of one thing
    and that is my mental state, which is very bad latley!
  11. mdmefontaine

    mdmefontaine Antiquities Friend

    ...i came here, because i was having suicidal thoughts and urges. i had chosen 2 methods and i came here out of desperation to stop myself. . so that i would NOT damage my young children.

    i found tremendous care and support, and still do, as i struggle with a difficult situation in my life, the one that brought me here.

    MOST people on this forum, DO care about other people.

    ...personally, even though i still struggle with problems, and life is not easy at the moment, i still feel a desire to help anyone in trouble. because i know what it feels like to be at the brink and one foot over. there is no worse feeling possible. and if i can show love and care, that is sincere from my heart, and even one person then feels ''''less alone''''' - then my life is worthwhile.

    most of us here, are here, because we love others. just my opinion only
  12. crookxshanks

    crookxshanks Well-Known Member

    i came here originally to support other people because of knowing exactly how it feels. i was partly suicidal but at the same time i wanted to help other people more than myself

    since ive been here ive had quite a few crisis in my life that people here have pulled me back from because they understand and want to support me out of the goodness of their own hearts. in real life people dont understand, or im too frighterned to be so honest and open about the things that have happened or what ive been/going through but i think that on here they do. i do still struggle on my own that i cannot deny

    thats where i stand on all of this and my experiences
  13. Inversion

    Inversion Member

    Not everybody who is suicidal 'wants' to die.
    I'm suicidal because I want to die sometimes, but if I can find another option - I'll take it and save my loved ones the pain. I'm brave enough to say 'hold on - let's think this through and try to get it sorted', so in reverse to what you said, the people who come here are braver than those who just do it.
  14. Feared.Desire

    Feared.Desire Well-Known Member

    I did.

    I was planning on it. Had my bottle of (censored) and was ready to do it. During my killing the time until the right time, I found this site (I was searching suicide related things) and started reading and posting.

    Just writing it down and letting someone know made me feel a little better. And I started reading other peoples posts, and that made me wait a little longer before I did it, and ended up making me not do it.

    Since then I just came here for support every time I was feeling depressed/suicidal/violent, etc...

    You're point of view is limited.
    What about the people who are considering it, and will (potentially) attempt suicide in the future that have come here. What about the people we save from getting that far by talking to them?
    Don't forget about those people.
    I agree, there are probably less cases like mine where we just so happen to stumble across this site in our last moments, but it does help people regardless.
  15. jameslyons

    jameslyons Well-Known Member

    For somebody who's suicidal, you seem to buy into a lot of myths. People who talk about suicide do commit suicide. Friends and family are almost always able to look back in the victim's life and see several calls for help. 85% of suicides are committed by people who suffer a mental illness -- most usually a form of depression.

    Many people here are long time sufferers of depression and suicidal thoughts. Most of us here have at least one suicide attempt in their history. But just because you try to commit suicide doesn't meant that you are forced to hold the impression that suicide is a logical choice for people to make.

    I struggle against depression and its most dangerous symptom -- suicide. I don't like seeing other people hurt by the disease, so I'll help them when I can. Just as others help. me.

    Don't fool yourself into thinking freewill has anything to do with your suicidal ambitions.
  16. endlessskies58

    endlessskies58 Well-Known Member

    the reason i came here was i was thinking about suicide so much that i googled it... low and behold i find a forum where people are talking about their own feelings on the matter and all of the sudden i didn't feel so alone.

    and please don't say that people who come on here aren't really suicidal because that sounds like a challenge. like you are challenging some of us to actually do it. you could make or break someone into actually killing themselves that way because some of us are really teetering. and this forum is supposed to be ANTIsuicide. if you are PROsuicide and want to help people end their lives then please don't come here.

    suicide is not a game and it shouldn't be a 'who has it worse' or 'who has the 'balls' to do it' competition. we are all here to support each other because NO ONE should feel like they want to die whether they are going to do it or not.
  17. Jaybee

    Jaybee Member

    I actually agree with the OP.

    I'm here because I can't talk to people in my real life, so I resort to a forum on the internet.=]
    I also wanted to get answers...
  18. Pioneer

    Pioneer Well-Known Member

    A lot of people are borderline. They are reaching their tolerance level on what they can cope with in life. Once you get there its only natural that you reach out somehow for help. This is one of those ways.
  19. SadDude87

    SadDude87 Well-Known Member

    I agree...on the whole, it's just a place for depressed people to vent.
  20. jameslyons

    jameslyons Well-Known Member

    Based on the number of people here who have tried to kill themselves within the past 30 days, I'd say members do more than venting.
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