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Why do people feel the need to lie to get attention? *Possibly triggering*

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by Butterfly, Oct 17, 2014.

  1. Butterfly

    Butterfly Sim Addict Staff Alumni SF Author SF Supporter

    Just want to rant about something that really pissed me off today. I know a girl from school and have her on facebook. She constantly talks about her mental illness, her bipolar and her BPD, which is brave and I respect her for that. But, she is completely full of shit at the same time. She makes up nonsense about getting treatment and medications. She says she will be sectioned under the mental health act under a section 3 if she has one of her mental rages again, but she's never been sectioned under a section 2 so I know she's talking out of her arse. She also says contradictory things about her medication which I know to be false, having taken some of them myself. She constantly posts :( in her statuses but never replies when people ask her what's wrong. And she's always got some drama going on in her life, whether that's sleeping around, getting into fights etc there is always something.

    Which brings me on to what pissed me off today. A few weeks ago she hinted on facebook that she could be pregnant as she took antibiotics with her contraception and had missed a period. She then kept posting cryptic messages weekly, like <3 8 weeks etc. Then a she started saying how "when the baby comes, you are having nothing to do with you piece of shit" blah blah blah. Then it turns out she apparently slept with someone elses boyfriend and was pregnant with his baby. Then it came out, plastered all over facebook that she had text the guy a scan picture. The guys friends called her out on her bullshit, and found a picture of the scan picture she had sent him online and called her out publically over it. She said that she was 100% pregnant and if they didn't believe her then nobody would have anything to do with the baby. Now today, she's claiming after everything that she's lost the baby. She supposedly around 16-17 weeks pregnant, with no baby bump and has been openly saying how she has been getting wrecked on booze throughout her entire "pregnancy". It just seems convenient that at a time where she should have started looking pregnant, she didn't and had been behaving the same she usually does, then backtracked and claimed she had given up smoking and drinking to do everything she could for the baby (when this is clearly a load of shit).

    Why do people need to stoop so low to get attention and sympathy? I'm not normally bothered by shit on facebook, but having lost a baby myself (which I still blame myself for today) I just found it rather upsetting. I know there are thousands are people in the world who want nothing other than to have a baby, and this girl was sick enough to lie about it. I don't understand the mentality of it.