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Why do people get so rude when you don't like their advice?

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This was on a different forum - one based on strictly addiction. I was nice until someone pissed me off. They brought up the idea of NA and I was like sorry that's not my thing, too religious for my liking. My fiancee has a book that they gave him at NA and it talks about god, so it's something I know they do. He quit going because of it. And then some bitch was like "you can't afford to be picky about your options, blah blah." And she added "I don't mean to be blunt, but" in the beginning of the sentence, as though it would help me see her comment less offensively. It's like first of all, I can afford to do whatever the hell I want. You don't know me and what I can and can't afford to do. Second, you sound like a jesus junkie that got pissed off about me not liking something god-related. Anyway, whatever. Just needed to vent. I wish people would just shut up and not push their advice any further if someone doesn't like it.
yes but if you post about problems then people often rightly or wrongly assume you want support and / or advice. i realise that when you post this may not be the case. but when people feel that you are, again rightly or wrongly, asking for advice and then what they give is either ignored or thrown back at them then i could understand it could be frustrating
no you can't like everyone's advice but either you post for advice and accept some of it may not be to your liking or you post and say you are not looking for advice so please dont bother to give any :unsure:
true :laugh: but theres no point getting mad at people who ultimately were trying to help. doesn't help you, doesn't help them. not like they were necessarily out to hurt you :)


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So if someone told you that you can't be picky and basically have to follow their advice, you wouldn't get mad? It's demeaning and offensive in my eyes.
the way i see it is that in one sense- what they could have been saying is that there aren't that many options out there for addiction support and help and that it was one of the only options. i realise that you say you aren't addicted to anything so perhaps wouldn't need any support anyway :D . but in the context of needing support groups there are unfortunately limits. could have been better worded from them perhaps :)


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Well, here are the options that I know of:

NA - not my thing.
Suboxone - pretty good option.
Therapy - already doing it.
Quitting cold turkey - not willing to.

So she was right in that they are limited. However, I just want suboxone treatment out of all of those options that I listed. And I said that in the thread to which her reply was that there is no reliable medication for treating opiate addiction. Well that's her opinion. It's FDA approved for treating such things from what I'm aware of. Truth is, when I first made the heroin thread. I didn't think I was addicted. Now, I don't know if I am or not. Sometimes I get withdraw, sometimes I don't. I don't know what that counts as, per se. But she definitely could have worded what she said differently, which was my initial point.
im confused again.... :unsure: i thought you said in the heroin thread that it was the 1st time you had used it! you didn't think you were addicted? :s if you know what are your good and bad options its good - because then you can go for the option that appeals to you most.


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Yeah, at that time it was once. Then I did it again, and a few days ago I did it a third time. I still want it. That's what yesterday's thread in the suicide forum was about. Me wanting to die because I don't have heroin anymore. That's pretty bad, I suppose.


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Perhaps what she meant is that tho Suboxone may treat the physical addiction, it doesnt address the very real mental addiction. :unsure:

I know thats always been my failing point with regard to nicotine.
I can always stop with the patches and yeah they do ease the pangs, but my head keeps on craving the habit.
so you have had it 3 times and you think you may be addicted - although sometimes you get withdrawl and other times you don't. im afraid im still confused... that means you have had withdrawl how many times out of your 3 usages? :s

anyways... as i said - at least you know what you want - so you probably don't need the advice on it anyway


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Well truthfully its supposed to stop both mental and physical addiction. However, some people argue that it's just switching one opiate for another. But, suboxone is legal and approved. So that's the difference.


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I've had withdraw many times in total. Not just from heroin. I've had it from percocets, hydromorphone, fentanyl, and suboxone itself when I was taking it recreationally. Now, I actually need it though because of all the opiates I've taken. I would say in total I've had sickness like 5-10 times.
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in your other thread you said that you weren't addicted to any of those though. im sorry. im too confused to carry on in this thread - perhaps someone younger and with a clearer mind than a hazy old thing like me might be able to wade through the confusion :s


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I thought I wasn't addicted at the time. Even though I've had withdrawal (I think that's how you spell it) a few times. But the more I've started to take heroin, and the more withdrawal I got, I started questioning whether I'm addicted or not. Sorry to be so confusing.
Im with :sparkle:.

Bottom line, you WILL become addicted to Heroin if you continue to take it, thats a fact.
Only way you wont.......................never take that dirty, evil, vile sustance ever again.
Fortunately i have never taken smack, but as i have said in previous threads i have seen first hand children and adults devastation over this vile drug.
I shall now go silent on this subject.
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