Why Do People Go Crazy Over Celebs

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by mooch74, Nov 24, 2012.

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    I still am trying to understand why our society is so celeb crazy? Granted, I admire certain famous people, but they must bring something to the table other than being known for being rich, spoiled and famous. Case in point is former NYC Mayor Guiliani. Now there was someone who understood how to govern. I also like Zooey Deschanel for being someone who encourages her followers to be individuals to be different and proud of being an individual with their own thoughts and actions. However, most celebs just piss me off for being rich, selfish and spoiled.
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    To me they are people - until I talk to them decide I do like them - I probably don't...... Some seem more likely for that to happen (the liking part) than others, but it is not a free pass for any of them

    Just my opinion
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    Most often than not, it all comes down to people being 'excited' at being able to see the people they have spent years watching and, in many cases, admiring for what they have done on television that gives them enough of a reason to get caught up in all the celebrity hype plaguing the World of these modern times. And I can understand that, for the most part, to be able to have five seconds of time with that one person you spent your whole childhood growing up, watching their antics on the screen as they either save the World from evil or sing about a World that only exists in pop songs and you have to take into consideration that a lot of the 'stars' today have had their personal lives thrown into turmoil for all of the media attention they receive that often goes to the point where they cannot spend a sole day relaxing at the beach or taking the little tykes to play at their local playground without being swarmed and having everything they do and say plastered all over the internet and newspapers every second of the day. It is no wonder that a lot of them have turned into drugs or alcoholics when your personal life is there for the entire World to see. I take it that that is what you could not fathom about people going crazy over celebrities?
    Personally speaking, I do not go in for all of that nonsense and while I do have a few that indeed admire, the list is pretty short, but for what they have chosen to either dedicates themselves to in the way of selfless betterment for others or for their strong determinations or convictions on something. Ewan McGreggor and Charley Boorman re two such people, for their series Long Way Down, long Way Round and all their work they do for UNICEF.
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    I don't know any celebs "personally", so I can only judge them by their image as portrayed in the media. Some celebs seem like spoiled brats. Some seem to be really decent human beings. The media plays up celebs because it sells...whether the news about the celeb is flattering, harmful, glorifying, true, lies, rumors, and so on.

    I think western culture loves its celebs because they seem to be the people who have it all (regardless of how they got it), and if Joe/Jane Nobody can make it up that high, so can we. I don't have a problem with people wanting to better themselves or to have nice things. And if they're lucky enough to be celebs (no matter if they've "earned" it or not), they are just lucky. Good for them!

    Good for all the celebs, because maybe the celebs are not the problem. I think our fascination with them and our sometimes assumption that their lifestyle is the only one worth achieving is skewed. I like celebs who represent social causes and who are making positive change in the world by using some of their good fortune to help people, animals, the planet.
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    Forget it. I shouldn't have posted this.
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    Mooch, you're entitled to your feelings no matter what others think or say. I get the sense that it's the idea that some celebs haven't had to do much yet they seem to have it all that gets to you. At certain times, that would be annoying to most of us.

    i think some of the replies in this thread are just looking at the bigger picture of "celebrity" and what it seems to mean to our society. I for one, don't mind fame that is given to people who do good. And if they are not doing good, I don't pay much attention to celebs (they really don't enter my "real life" at all, so I don't know what they are really like). Don't let others' opinions shut you down. You are entitled to feel however you feel. And sometimes a two-bit celeb annoys you. That's fine. :hug:
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    It isn't that they have gotten everything easy. I know many people personally that applies to who aren't celebrities. What bothers me is giving so much attention to people who have done nothing to warrant it. Like I said in my initial post, there are some celebs I admire a great deal, but they need to bring something to the table other than their fame, money or name.
  8. youRprecious!

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    I've never bought into the celebrity scene unless I fall in love with a particular song and then it's the music I love, not the people - (Nancy and Frank's "Something Stupid" is my all time favourite!). What Julie Andrews did for family values in The Sound of Music was praise-worthy indeed, and she seems to be a genuinely lovely person - but the truth is the wild stuff that goes on now has become monstrous (imo)

    And the other truth is, and the best truth of all, is that WE ARE ALL BORN TO BE CELEBRATED!! By the One who matters the most and has the best and most resources for us to enjoy life with :)
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    Celbs, are people whom other people can relate to and "Believe" they can have/do what they are doing. It's an extension and introduction of another part of life that is generally vacant in average peoples lives. Call it encouragment, fun, addiction, distractions, connection ect... they simply are avatars for whatever that individual person see's in them. Perhaps they see the dertermination to get out of a shit life and environment and make something of their lives. Or that they can handle endless amounts of stress, or they're constantly doing new things or helping people or ect ect.
    Idk, you answered your own question, so I suppose it's just the ones who forget what they are living ontop of. They'll always be around, society in general lashes back in some fashion when they get too extreme, or a celb/group will continue on regardless. All personal preference
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    please don't insult me.
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    My bad, just sorta rolling with it. Idk the celb stuff is beyond crazy, it would be nice if people followed suit with more inspiring things but... sometimes it's good that the extreme bullshit is with "celebs" and the real work is done by people who don't reach that status. Mainstream media is far too extreme and critical, aswell as headstrong to follow suit with people who truly inspire. They'd only soon not get the point, lose the plot, and take the best from that person, and probably demonise the rest. And tbh, the people who enjoy the extremes of celbs are best suited for those sorts of people. If we started fueling people who dedicated their lives to something that's more commonly connected and worthwhile... Celbs might be useful :) Anyhow.. At best they help remind some people that there is a life outside of their lives, among other things.

    No insult intended :)
  12. mooch74

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    Please don't insult me. I don't need it. I am sorry I ever posted this. I should have known. All anyone ever likes to do is criticize everything I do. Forget that I wrote anything about this. I will just continue to going into oblivion like all of you want me to do. Please just leave me alone.
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    Just to be clear though im not insulting you, just sharing my point of view. I don't see how what you've said earlier could be attacked.. I was just kinda rolling with it cause it's an annoying truth.
    But... I'll stop posting cause I'm obviously coming off wrong. Sorry bro.
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    thank you. just leave me be alright.