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Why do people never seem to care about their kids?

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I can't help but notice that in today's world people don't seem to care about their kids at all, of course there are exceptions but i see it all the time.

In supermarkets you see kids running round with no parent in sight, their parents not caring if they get hurt or if someone snatches them. A friend of my mum has her grandson most of the time because his parents don't give a damn about him his mother only wants heirion and his father only wants his new girlfriend, meaning he rarely goes to school. A guy i used to call my friend, but can no longer respect enough to do so, abandoned his kids completely.

I see many examples of it, which really gets to me because i think about the future of the world and i see these children growing angry and resentful becausethey have been neglected. Also there's my own children who have been put in foster care and i do care about them and have always done my best for them, but just because my their mother spouts some lies because i won't take her back they're in foster care. Their world and mine turned upside down through malice alone.

It just makes me think if this is how our world is, then we are truly heading for disaster. Maybe i shouldn't get upset so much about it but i can't help it.
Yeah I know where your coming from with this,I think it's a minority of parents who fall into this category but still it's hugely damaging for the kid and the society that may suffer for their lack of nurture. I was neglected in the sense that my ol man fucked off when I was ten and 29yrs later my relationship with him is non existent. He's had a great life by all accounts out chasing skirt with no responsibilities. My mother took to boozing coz she couldn't cope and didnt give a toss what we got up to. I thought my sister would be a good mum because of what we all went through but she's no better than our mother was. Seems like we are doomed to repeat the cycle over and over,that's why it's so important for parents to give a shit. Kids that are left to drag themselves up do not suddenly turn into well adjusted adults,i just wish people would give serious thought to having kids. In the uk it's easy for any girl with no ambition,self worth or sense to get pregnant at 16 and be taken care of by the government. Kids having kids can never be a good thing surely,I dunno il probably get told how wrong I am but that's my view for what it's worth.
i completely agree with you people just dont care about those they bring in to the world anymore its like they take being able to have kids for granted its a real shame really because those kids have no chance with parents like that
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