why do people suck so much

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  1. palmtrees

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    I'm so fucking pissed off right now I want to destroy something I'm tired of being treated as expendable being postponed being stood up being ignored being told I should socialize more but then everyone who's supposed to care about me ends up fucking me over.

    It's not like I'm particularly unpleasant to anyone. I'm sweet, funny, confident, smart, etc. etc. etc. can I fucking help it if I can't carry a conversation for 10 minutes without pausing to catch my breath. I can't stand other people and I can't stand being alone by myself. I'm tired of this happening over and over and over again, nobody gives a fuck about me they just pretend to to make themselves look good.

    Usually I'm the one who has to make all the effort to get somebody to go out and do something, in this case somebody called ME, we made plans for a couple days ago, then at the last minute oops nope they can't make it, let's do Thursday. I call them Thursday, no one there, leave a message. No word from them all day. My fucking friends do this my fucking sister does this is it something about me? Do I just take these things way too hard or does everybody just forget about me because I'm such a low priority to them? Jesus. I hate everybody. I'm not even gonna try anymore.
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    I am so sorry. I have many people in my life like this as well, which I am attempting to deal with.
    If you don't get a call back, maybe they are not a true friend. There are good people out there. Don't give up on friendship, but do give up on people that would take advantage of you and not acknowledge your existence.
    It is nothing about YOU, it is about THEM.
    Hope you will be ok.
  3. KirstyMissJimBob

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    join the club all my friends bitch about me and ditch me and stuff. I was upset one day and told my "best mate" that i was feeling suicidal and all she said was Oh ok and laughed.
    people suck sometimes and the true friends u can count on one hand.
    I hope they stop treating you like this