Why do people want attention?

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by stone, Aug 6, 2010.

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  1. stone

    stone Member

    Do you know what used to annoy me? it's that people in school used to cut their arms as a trend, to be seen and not even that deep. Just for the attention where I used to cut my upper legs so deep that I had to glue them to stop the blood. No one even knows I cut to this day besides the people on here.
    Now I find it with suicide to, people do it for attention like take a small over dose that will hurt their insides but wont kill them. Others will just do it to end everything one day with no one ever realy knowing them and their pain at all ? but why do people pretent to OD and seek help ? Why not just do what you intended to do in the first place ? Why waste the hospitals resorses time and time again when it could be used to save some one in a accident, not of their chooseing ?
  2. nolonger

    nolonger Well-Known Member

    I felt a bit this way when last year a girl in my English class(I think) drew 'lines' on her arm with a red pen...that hurt a bit. Then again I seem to get emotionally hurt fairly easy. But I'm always told I'm hard to read. So a lot of that wouldn't 'come through' :laugh:.

    They seem to trivialise it I guess.
  3. Young suicider

    Young suicider Well-Known Member

    As I'm 14 I know that when my school trys to stop cutting.

    They really just make it worse by throwing out the idea to them.

    They do it to make people feel bad for them.

    I don't like it,I think it is stupid,but they have a logical reason I'm sure.

    They just want someone to confront them.That's all they want.

    I guess it's a cry for help.
  4. fooror

    fooror Well-Known Member

    I guess it is to cause yourself physical pain, as physical pain is easier to deal with than mental pain?
  5. Scum

    Scum Well-Known Member

    If someone is 'seeking attention' then it generally means that their needs are not being met in a different way.

    Everyone in this world seeks attention. Everytime someone posts on here its for some sort of attention, or recognition, or validation or something (we could call you attention seeking for posting this thread because you posted it wanting replies, which is, in effect, wanting attention for your words and your post). Everytime someone speaks to someone else, or goes on stage, or anything like that, its about getting some sort of attention. Its a normal, basic human need. Some people, however, have had to develop unhealthy coping strategies to enable that need to get met. Its sad that the only way they can get their needs met (maybe for care, or something like that) is to harm themselves.

    Whyever someone has to harm themselves, that is a problem, be it for out and out needs getting met, a way to communicate but no one knowing, releasing an emotion, not having control, or whatever. Someone who does this is hurting greatly inside and needs support and help as much as the next self harmer.

    With regards to what you said about overdoses, that is entirely dependent on the individual. You can't 'pretend' to overdose because anything over the recommended dose is considered an overdose. The only way to pretend would be to lie and say you had overdosed when you hadn't.

    Some people take ODs as a way to self harm. Some do use them as a way to communicate or get their needs met. Some people may get scared part way through. Some people may OD, not intend to and have to seek help after (I'm talking with relation to something like dissociation).

    Personally, the only kind of attention seeking that really gets to me is lies, because they hurt others and are damaging to people outside of the person telling the lie. Having said that, when you look at the reasons sometimes you can see why they do what they do, but that doesn't change the pain they cause others. That is my personal opinion only though.
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