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Why do ppl not care?

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by FlipsycKill, Oct 10, 2006.

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  1. FlipsycKill

    FlipsycKill Active Member

    Give me your opinions on what you think happy people don't care about depressed sad people who need help do you think they will ever help even if the person is a stranger?
  2. here's my opinion:
    most people live their entire lives engulfed in blind selfishness where every single thing they do in life is motivated by selfish desire, they only "care" about those people who provide them with some kind of immediate physical or emotional pleasure, no-one else matters because they have nothing to offer them. in fact, what most people call love is actually just deluded attachment, just needy clinging for someone in order to get something out of them. i also think that very very few people are actually happy in any meaningful way. so they simply have no reason in their minds to help others. that's why its best to develop an attitude of self-reliance in life so you don't have to depend on anyone else [since they won't really help you anyway]
  3. Wonderstuff

    Wonderstuff Staff Alumni

    That's a very pessimistic view, non_existence :blink:
    I think happiness does exist, just as depression does - it's just as tangible - but sometimes it can be hard to see things that are wrong with the world when you're happy, and in contrast that's all we can see when we're not happy. Does that make sense? When you're happy you want everyone to be happy too, but you don't want to look at things too closely in case you find out they're not as good as they seem. And then when you're unhappy, you want to be happy, because you would stop feeling like this, but you think you'd have to lie to yourself to get there; or that it's just plain impossible.

    Er. What I meant was, I don't think it's that people don't care. It's that...happy people often don't look too closely at things, and a lot of us try to hide how we're feeling. So they just have no idea that anything's going on. Like if you start cutting and wearing long sleeves, and no one questions it for 4 months because they don't expect it from you, even though all the signs have been right there under their noses. People take a lot on faith, you know.
    It's only us that don't have any in people.
  4. FlipsycKill

    FlipsycKill Active Member

  5. claycad

    claycad Well-Known Member

    People do care...about themselves!

    I do believe that their are truly compassionate people in this world, but they are few and far between. Most people only act compassionate because doing nice things make themselves feel good. When I do a nice thing for someone, it gives me a warm cuddly feeling inside (as lame as that sounds) so ultimately people do nice things for their own benefit. Not that that is a bad thing, its a win-win situation really.

    As far as people not having compassion for depressed people...A happy person can't understand a depressed person. Most people who don't have depression, I think believe that depression is only in ones head. There is nothing medically wrong...a depressed person is just depressed cause they want pity. Of course anyone with depression knows this isn't true.

    It is much easier for a happy person to have compassion for a physically ill person because they can see the physical illness and can place themselves in that situation and empathize with the physically ill. With a mental illness like depression it is very difficult for a person who doesn't have depression or have never had depression to empathize with someone who has depression. Not to say that there are no happy people who don't care and try to empathize and can truly be a help to someone with depression, but those people are rare in my opinion.
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