Why do the good always have to die

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    Today I found out that someone from my graduating class had passed on. He had been the student president and an amazing peer. He was known for his charismatic and funny personality. Although he hung with the popular crowd he treated everyone as a friend and his passing has had a huge impact. His passing brought together students that haven't spoken since our graduation four years ago. To say we are devastated doesn't even to begin to describe how everyone is feeling.

    I'm really struggling to understand why someone as great as him was taken away. When I received word of his passing I couldn't believe it...I felt sick to my stomach. He was such a happy and energetic guy, and now he ceases to exist. He's no more...

    This year so far hasn't been good...this week during a cooking lab I had to walk and leave the class because I was tempted to cut myself. I wanted to release the stress, anger and tension I haven't been able to get rid of... I left my knives and books on my lab counter and just left. The next day I went to class and my professor told me that he had locked them inside the cupboard and I could grab them before I went home. I haven't gotten them yet... I feel right now that they need to stay there... since the passing of "S" I feel lousy, like here I am struggling to pull my life together and always sick in some way, and I'm still alive when i don't deserve it... He wanted to live and he had that taken away...

    There aren't many people like him, and it angers me because if there were, I think the world wouldn't be as broken down as it is...
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    I am sorry for the lost of such a kind person hun I hope you have some support to help you through this sad time hugs
  3. I am so sorry to hear that.. :hug: I don't know what to say.. :hug: