Why do the pretty and popular always win?

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by AnomymousX, Sep 20, 2010.

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  1. AnomymousX

    AnomymousX Well-Known Member

    Because that's all I see. That's all I've seen in my entire life. Movie directors seem to think the same, since all their movies have the exact same thing - the main good-looking character getting the perfect girl at the end, while the main character's not-as-good-looking friend (who usually liked the girl WAY more) ends up with nothing. Want example movies? The Sasquatch Gang and all 3 Spider-man movies.

    Pretty much all my friends are better looking than I am, so I watch them get attention from all the girls while I'm standing in the back. That also ties in with the time my best friend got the girl I wanted. I won't elaborate on that because I've already mentioned it a hundred times. Even my own parents are examples of what I'm talking about. I am the offspring of the very thing I question.

    Middle school and high school - watching the better looking people get carnations on Valentine's Day, most of which got them just for their looks. Now, the people who gave the carnations may have been shallow, but at least the people who got them knew they were interested by someone. Anyone got a good answer?
  2. Tobes

    Tobes Well-Known Member

    I could write a few paragraphs about this, but it can be answered in a sentence.

    People are attracted to attractive people.

    Simple as that. Luckily personality, success, money, intelligence, sense of humor etc are attractive as well.

    EDIT: I misunderstood, because of the valentines day bit you said, but I think the reason that attractive people get things and less attractive people don't is because people generally think attractive people are better than the rest. Not because we are shallow, horny assholes, but because attractive people look like they have better genetics and are more intelligent or more successful.

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  3. AnomymousX

    AnomymousX Well-Known Member

    Oh wow. In that case...

    Solution: plastic surgery
  4. Tobes

    Tobes Well-Known Member

    Well that could work... but skills, talents and personality will trump physical attractiveness in the long run. Maybe not in High School though.
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  5. nolonger

    nolonger Well-Known Member

    I wish. I have scarring on my face, back, shoulders, middle of my chest and self harm scars on my right thigh(they arent every prevalent but if I shaved you'd be able to see the slight 'lineing' on the skin). Of course I'm going through that point in my life where I'm gonna have bad skin but it started at 11 years old. Eleven. Smack bang on my fucking birthday it started. Only a couple of hours ago mum was going through looking at old digital photos she had on her computer while she burnt a movie. There were a couple of me when I was younger, before it started. She was even like "Oh! Look it's Mac, when he was a lot more adventurous...". She obviously wasn't trying to say anything, it was more in a joking tone. But as far as I'm concerned that's when things were slowly going down hill. For me atleast. It basically shot the fucking shit out of what little confidence I probly had back then(I was shy back then but now it's just bad). These days I rarely get my picture taken, nor do I want it to. I have no 'social' activities outside of school. And I probly wouldn't even go to school if it wasn't mandatory. Some days I feel alright, other days I just want someone to kill me. Small complements to me can mean the world.

    But when someone does seem interested in you, and says you are cute or funny or they love you, you will be happy.
  6. mulberrypie

    mulberrypie Well-Known Member

    physical attraction is just one component of attraction.
    maybe the first thing we realize but i think it's also the weakest. (right down there with success/money :rolleyes:) lasting, fulfilling relationships( friendly or romantic) aren't based on shallow things like that...

    even if its just casual sex youre after, there are many other characteristics that attract girls besides conventional good looks. you probably have some of these, you just don't realize it. or maybe you do, but women dont have a chance to see these traits. instead of standing in the back while your friends talk to girls, try to approach a girl and let her get to know your personality.

    but anyway we all get old and shrively.. i think it's better to work on the things that dont inevitably fade away... like knowledge and character. you will feel better and attract more people. hope this helps
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  7. Em1

    Em1 Member

    Heh, if good looks where all girls in high school went for... i think i might have topped myself a lot sooner... Look we girls can be cruel and spitefull... and if the less atrative girls stay away i guess they have an okay life... i get told time and time again that "i look amazing" i seriously doubt that... either way i wouldn't deprieve myself and slagger make up and short skirts ( unless it's a party.. and i only go to make other girl pee themself for the simple reason i resent anything that people like them do) i've never had many boyfriends for one reason... i don't look at the face the legs or bum... i talk learn their personality and then mabye even try to be friends.. if they like me not for what i look like ( which i test by not looking to good anyway, and might i add alot of guys like me because of the bust i have which i absulutly hate... wonder if i can get them reduced) anyway... looks aren't anything thats the moral of this very boring and very weird post. Just so you know, it's intersting you bring this.. i think i questioned it my whole life untill i got enough curage to speak up to myself against Shannon the most popular (excuse the french) bitch in school and relised what she was all along.
  8. Landlocked blues

    Landlocked blues Well-Known Member

    Well said Em. I couldnt have said it beter myself x

    P.S you mentioned something about the spiderman movies? I thought his friend was much hotter! :yeah:
  9. lifelover

    lifelover Well-Known Member

    Well highschool is the time of the morons. The transition between the child with no sense of future what so ever and the little man that believes that can do anything and will get the oportunities that other can´t have yet. You´ll be happy to see that years later the cool guys have gone shit with their lifes and as time pass out you´ll notice that none shallow women will get atracted by serious men and you will have your chances. I had mine. Of course apearence will matter forever so put some effort in it. Also build confidence. For me, time barely counts, i will get what i deserve and os do you. At least let hope.:mad:
  10. Matrias

    Matrias Active Member

    i actually found it a good read, not boring in the least and now i wont have a burning hate for all the evil hot chicks with no souls:i'm sorry: ill know atleast 1 person didnt let it go to their head.
  11. AnomymousX

    AnomymousX Well-Known Member

    And then just getting ignored, blown off, disregarded, and forgotten, like usual.
  12. Akita

    Akita Well-Known Member

    The average pretty and popular people always lose in the end.
  13. paranoidxe

    paranoidxe Well-Known Member

    While it may be true in schools and a few real life situations, overall looks will only take you so far in the real world.

    Once I was out of high school I realized how everyone starts at the same ground again and the jocks and popular students are back on square 1 like everyone else.
  14. gakky1

    gakky1 Well-Known Member

    Lot of good comments here to take in, plus who's to say what pretty is? We all have our kind of likes so who's to say you're not pretty to a lot of guys, those so-called "beauties" most times really aren't, they just seem so plastic, snotty etc, at least to me they are.:mad:
  15. Viro

    Viro Well-Known Member

    This is why I don't watch really any television.
  16. AnomymousX

    AnomymousX Well-Known Member

    Today I've learned that the brain can't feel pain. I'm gonna use that to my advantage.
  17. mulberrypie

    mulberrypie Well-Known Member

    c'mon now ... :(
  18. AnomymousX

    AnomymousX Well-Known Member

    Why? I'm sick of seeing and dealing with the same shit over and over. I'll wait till my parents get old and die, than I'll probably shuffle off this mortal coil afterward.
  19. Rainydays

    Rainydays New Member

    I read another post similar to this and it really troubles me..
    Just because someone is considered pretty or popular doesn't mean that they are immune from pain or suffering.. Throughout highschool I was friends with everyone, I was "popular". I genuinely just wanted to get to know as many different people in different groups as I could and didn't really have the patience for cliques. I am also a model so considered "pretty" by others. There seems to be a connotation that pretty or popular means stuck up or heartless but I know I am kind and always treat people with decency and respect. I'm not going to say that it hasn't opened doors or created opportunites but I still feel immense pressure, failure, pain.. You don't know what's going on behind closed doors, to everyone who sees me they would think my life is perfect but it's far from. I struggle every day to get through..
  20. Mr_Happy

    Mr_Happy Member

    I was quite attractive in my youth, but the last ten years i have piled on the weight & i'm not so attractive any more.
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