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Why do things always seemed messed up

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by shoeshineboy, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. shoeshineboy

    shoeshineboy Member

    God everything is so fucked up all the time.
    Why can't I be happy, why can't I smile and MEAN it. Why can't I be a better student, why can't I be a better son, why can't I be a better friend, why can't I step outside my comfort zone, why can't I feel normal, why can't I get close to anyone enough to have a relationship, why do I have a bunch of "friends that are girls" but no girl friend, what is wrong with 14-16 year old girls anyway? Why do they always go for the guy thats going to ignore them half the time over the guy who's going to treat them right and feel good, why do nice guys finish last, why am I so shy, why does it feel like theres no God, why am I failing Math, why do I have to go to summer school in a couple of weeks when school ends, why can't I remember a time when I was happy, why am I here, why Haven't I spoken a single word to my parents in the past 4 days, why do they always think I'm fine, I'm not fine and its so obvious to anyone with a clue, why do people try to say shit like "oh your life isnt as bad as mine" when they don't know shit about my life, why can't ass wholes just leave me the fuck alone, why do I HATE the way I look, why am I such a fake, why can't I show my true self, why can't I show my true feelings, why shouldn't I kill my self, why do I want to kill my self?​
  2. Frost Giant

    Frost Giant Member

    Shoeshineboy, Like myself, you are a poet in the making. Your going to hear this from other people, but you do exist in an area of your life where your age is not an easy age to be. The world is unfolding and you are exiting that area where fantasy once was, and reality now is. That kind of transition is not easy. You are a an intelligent kid, and you will grow to become an intelligent man. There is nothing wrong with how you feel, in fact; keep writing. Let it be how you iterate the nature of how you feel. As for the girls, they are all different, and love is more often a thing of opportunity than something that is a part of every kids life. Your time will come inevitably, but often, you will experience those kinds of things when you are not looking for it, so be patient, concentrate on having some fun. You should not be concerned with anything else.
  3. shoeshineboy

    shoeshineboy Member

    This helped, thank you :smile: